Why create controversy Mr President


Why create controversy

Knowing fully well the power of the media that has the capability and ability to convert heroes into zeros and zeros into heroes, then why our leaders without any exception don’t realise this simple fact and continue displaying casual and careless attitude while addressing public meetings and giving interviews. Interview is a double edged weapon that can take you to heights and at the same time drown you. Keeping in view the typical culture of our journalists who invariably ask.

controversial questions and later on use these answers in twisting the facts as and when needed even then they fail to take proper precautions.

In a recent interview to private TV channel President Dr Arif Alvi said he was not convinced about the cypher but had suspicions and therefore wanted an investigation.

This has certainly hit the credibility of PTI Chairman IK’s narrative of his removal through a conspiracy. This has created tremors in PTI ranks besides providing journalists very hot subject for their talk shows.

The founder member of PTI holding such highest position in the country has chosen a wrong time to openly disagree with IK on his conspiracy theory the main narrative that resulted in his ouster from power, it was wrong time to give such interview when he is fighting war on all fronts against cypher, corruption and facing number of cases that are being filed against him on different alleged charges and foreign funding.

President Arif Alvi is of the opinion that it was not American conspiracy to remove him from the office of Prime Minister and further added that it must be investigated because he does not agree there was conspiracy.

This is in itself self-contradictory if it was not a conspiracy then what is left to investigate? IK removal was through vote of no confidence as per parliamentary democratic principles but the modus operandi was not in order and in conformity with democratic norms. It is good he said PTI is now his past.

Question arises why he waited for 4 years to make this announcement? It would have been more appropriate to make this announcement after taking oath of President of Pakistan.

President Alvi owes this great honour mainly being in PTI and Chairman PTI’s decision to make him President.

Unfortunately our political culture is such we only become wiser after the event the issue of cypher is being dragged unnecessarily, the contents of the cypher unofficially have already been disclosed in national and international press.

And also in the National Security Committee meeting when IK was Prime Minister.

The committee did not agree on conspiracy theory but thought it could be an interference.

What is preventing the government from displaying the original cipher text lying in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By displaying the original text in the press the matter can be brought to its logical conclusion.Secondly the government had issued demarche to the US to convey that the words used by the US official were not appropriate. That means that there was something serious in the text.

What words were used being termed as inappropriate should have been disclosed. What does this mean? It means the matter was far more serious but the meeting failed to conclude that there was any conspiracy, it could be termed as interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan.

Let us explain the word conspiracy, it is a secret agreement made between two or more people or groups to do something bad or illegal that will harm someone else.

We all interpret the statements suiting our own convenience. In this case the interference brought regime change.

Let us see what is the meaning of interpretation, in fact it is an explanation of a view of person, place, work, thing etc.

Whatever name one may give, call it conspiracy, call it interference and give any interpretation the fact remains it was after the receipt of cypher that resulted in regime change, therefore IK narrative has a lot of weight when he talks about conspiracy.

President Dr Alvi should have been careful to give his opinion on such a sensitive and controversial issue. No amount of clarification now given by President Dr Arif Alvi can undo the damage done to PTI.

As a President he has no political role irrespective of his undoubtedly sincere inner feelings to end the polarisation to move towards broader reconciliation in the larger interest of the state.

Although according to Article 243 of the Constitution of Pakistan President of Pakistan is the Supreme Commander of Armed forces but has no role in the selection and appointment of CJCSC and all the three Chiefs, his role is confined to act on the advise of the Prime Minister in such cases

The fact remains that people of Pakistan have accepted IK narrative for change in the existing anti people system , no seminar is required to determine its popularity because people gather in thousands to listen to him even at very short notice.

That is ground reality and should be taken seriously. Whenever there was clash of political parties and severe deadlock as a saviour of country establishment has remained last hope of the people but this time when situation is deteriorating with each passing day the establishment stands neutral but for the sake of country establishment needs to review its neutral stance.

It is time to intervene to save the country from this polarisation that shall only harm the country. It is very strange that our leadership is busy in getting clean chits on well documented corruption charges, little realising that these cases can be reopened at any time by any new government. Equally disturbing is the situation in former FATA and observing silence on the developments taking place on the Eastern border is not nderstandable.

It is very strange that both the government and PTI are engaged in accusing each other and busy in eaking audio and videos to let down each other without realising the damage being caused to the state. No party has come out with any scheme proposals to reduce poverty, create jobs and improve the condition of schools and hospitals, at present 80 percent of the population is living in inhuman conditions even though clean drinking water is not available. Is it politics? Please think over it, don’t take it lightly still time to do something for the deprived people.

As I was about to despatch the article a breaking news broke my heart when President of United States Joe Biden while addressing Democratic congressional campaign committee said” Pakistan may be the most dangerous nations in the world” and he further said “Pakistan has nukes but “without any cohesion “.

This is a highly irresponsible statement by Joe Biden and people of Pakistan did not like it.

He knows our nuclear assets are well guarded and meets all international security parameters. It is in control of highly skilled armed forces of Pakistan and no one can dare come near it.

People all over Pakistan have condemned such statements against Pakistan whose security is 100 percent foolproof as compared to India that is most vulnerable in the hands of extremists BJP ruling party. Mere calling the US ambassador and handing over a protest letter is a routine reaction.

There is need to call UN General Assembly session and tell the world Pakistan is peaceful country and knows its responsibility as for as our nuclear assets are concerned but would not like to hear such irresponsible statement that too from Joe Biden.

This statement has come at a time when two important functionaries of Pakistan Prime Minister of Pakistan and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto visited USA to further strengthen our relations and assured US of continued support and cooperation.

This visit was followed by the visit of the highest authority in Pakistan Gen Bajwa and Finance Minister of Pakistan but it has not been reciprocated by Washington but has disturbed the existing relationship beyond repair.

It is high time Pakistan takes the proper line of action against changed circumstances in the region to ensure safety and security of our nuclear assets and safeguard our sovereignty.

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