Why is democracy necessary?

Pakistan is one of the few unfortunate countries in the world where no collective effort is made to make every special decision, from general decisions, but an individual makes such decisions on his own, on the words of power or by the power of power. This makes him and his party stronger, but these decisions do nothing for the country and the people. Our politicians, who are promoting democracy, have never even looked into their own pockets. Because when they come to power, they make undemocratic decisions and when they are in the opposition, they talk about democracy. Similar decisions of common interests have been made in the past, which are sometimes called “Democracy Charter” and sometimes it needs theory. They are imposed on the people by declaring, Our elders did not make Pakistan so that the politicians here after gaining power would exercise their arbitrariness and make such decisions that would cause suffering to the opposition and the people. It has been here only turbans are thrown at each other. There is only rhetoric between the nation and the rulers. Parliament whose job is to make good and positive legislation and they have to make decisions through which economic, political and social stability will be created in the country, but unfortunately, today’s parliament except it has not been able to make any valuable decisions of personal interests and has not been able to give any kind of relief to the people. The members of Parliament have proved that they are worthless by doing their bids. Their conscience wakes up only when they are not getting any offer (of money) from anywhere. That maybe he has the solution to all the problems and these are the true people in the whole of Pakistan, all the others are rich, but as soon as they get any offer from any side, their conscience becomes money and wealth.
When will this series end?
Millions of rupees are required to become members of National Assembly, Provincial Assembly and Senate, no poor person can become a member of Parliament or Senate, yes, you can certainly submit your forms to become a member of National and Provincial Assembly. But in the next stages, money is needed everywhere. If you have money, you can also participate in the elections. Seeing the buying and selling of the members who have succeeded in the elections so far, it seems that it is better than doing any other business. Become a Member of Parliament whose asking price you can get very quickly. You just have to have the talent that some of our politicians have and it seems that this is their “capital” with the help of which they are moving ahead and accumulating wealth. Our social ‘political’ economic condition. “We have made us uncivilized” We have crossed all limits of morality “Corruption is the biggest problem of Pakistan” But today corruption has been made a part of fashion and job “Corrupt people are walking free” but the poor man is stumbling from door to door for justice. Pakistani people do not have basic rights but politicians have also got special rights. It seems that this country is made only for politicians where they can make decisions according to their will and purpose and also corruption. There is no one to ask them.
Perhaps this is why it is said that democracy is necessary! A few days of rain has spread the fate of Karachi, but democracy is necessary. Inflation and unemployment have forced people to commit suicide, but democracy is necessary. They have been removed from the reach of man, but democracy is necessary. If the situation worsens or if it rains, the people pour into the streets. These institutions are bankrupted by recruitment on political grounds, but democracy is essential. So they say that democracy is in danger, if their interests are not fulfilled, then democracy is in danger, but if the rights of the people are violated, even the right to live is taken away from the people, then it is said that the country is passing through a critical period. Patience is advised. It is sometimes said that ‘inflation is too high to spend with just one cup of tea’, but burgers and other items can be eaten in the most expensive hotels. If it happens, they say that all this is being done by the umpire, while the political people have been returning the pleasure of power for the past 30 years. That interferes in politics? So, can these politicians tell that when they are longing for power, they are jumping straight and writing letters to the army chief and other military institutions saying, “please come, let us intervene, that person has destroyed the country, going bankrupt?” If you don’t intervene, maybe this country will be disintegrated. Even politicians say that democracy has been rolled back.
In the current situation, it is felt that these failed politicians are trying to make institutions and people fight against each other, which cannot be in the country’s interest in any way. In the guise of democracy, you have done more dangerous and oppressive acts than dictatorship. Who will give an account of it? Will the politicians like to tell us how much role the politicians have played in the country’s destruction? Actually, according to the politicians, democracy is necessary because in a democracy they get complete freedom to do corruption, it becomes easier for them to do their own work by appointing their favorite people in any place. They work more for their own interests, create their own influence to expand their business, which later after the completion of the period of power, take full business benefits from these relationships, it has been the habit of our politicians to harm the country in every way. However, they do not blame themselves in any case, but they try to put all the debris on other institutions and personalities, due to which not only the country and the people suffer, but also the political career of the politicians themselves ends. Politicians need to change their attitude.