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Why Narendra Modi misled the world

Ghulamullah Kiyani : The writer is a Freelance Journalist/Analyst based in Islamabad. He can be reached at:

Two months before the 18th Lok Sabha elections in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s Hindu dominated city of Jammu on February 20 and reiterated his narrative to impress the world, including the Bharatiya Janata Party which is based on “Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas, Sab ka Vishwas, Sab ka Prayas”. Narendra Modi arrived in Jammu immediately after his visit to UAE and announced the launch of Rs 32 thousand crore projects. Narendra Modi, known as the butcher for the massacre of thousands of Muslims during his Chief Ministership in Gujarat, has been the Prime Minister of India for the past 10 years. After Congress leader Jawaharlal Nehru and his daughter Indira Gandhi, he ruled the country for two decades.
He has become the third Prime Minister and is now vying for a third term in power. On his back is the Sang Pariwar. BJP and other Hindutva parties have taken over the country by doing politics of religion and hatred on the basis of hostility to Islam and Pakistan. They consider Narendra Modi, who is fanatical and extremist in the pursuit of anti-Muslim hostility and extermination of minorities, as important for the promotion of Hinduism.
This time, the construction of Ram Mandir in place of the historical Babri Masjid by the Hindu fanatics, the abolition of Article 370 to erase the special status of Occupied Kashmir, the prohibition of the lives of Muslims and minorities, the exclusion of the Muslim era from the educational curriculum, the renaming of historical places, etc. Preparations have been completed to receive the credit of the measures from the voter. Now Modi is in the field with the promise of making a complete united India. This is his vote bank.
He had the same mission on the occasion of his visit to Jammu. He expressed this by describing Article 370 as the biggest obstacle to the development of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and wanted to receive the praise of the same vote bank for abolishing it and demanded the people to make BJP successful in 370 Lok Sabha constituencies. In Jammu, Narendra Modi, while addressing the election rally at Maulana Azad Stadium, without naming the Congress, National Conference, PDP, said that family rule is also a big obstacle in the development of the people. Modi said that Jammu and Kashmir is now getting free from this dynastic rule. This is actually a declaration by BJP to take over the occupied state.
The tradition of electoral rigging and giving power to Delhi’s favorite pointman in occupied Kashmir is decades old. is from 32 thousand crore rupees projects have given importance to railways, expressways, bridges, etc., so that the projects will further strengthen the military occupation of India and provide the fastest access to the resources of Kashmir. Last year too, Narendra Modi had announced Rs20,000 crore projects for Occupied Kashmir on the occasion of his visit. But current announcements can also be seen in the context of the presence of 40 lakh Indian citizens in the United Arab Emirates and investments in this regard. Several large investment groups, including the Gulf country’s Ammar Group, are attracted to Kashmir. Those who want to build tourism, shopping malls.
On the other hand, Modi’s speech in Jammu mentioned an economic grouping comprising “India, UAE, Israel and America” which shows the international, especially the Zionist interest in Kashmir. On the one hand, India is getting the sympathy of the Muslim World by supporting the Palestinian cause, and on the other hand, it is preparing a plan against the Muslims in collaboration with Israel and America. In the race to become an economic power, India is massacring Kashmiris in Israeli style and trying to settle Hindu settlers in Kashmir. Jammu’s announcement also includes the announcement of the construction of around 3,000 houses for the settlements of pundits who have fled from Kashmir.
Narendra Modi had earlier said that he had somehow resolved the Kashmir issue. His narrative is not only false and misleading but also shows the Indian leadership’s deliberate ignorance of the ground realities of Occupied Kashmir showing how it is using it to mislead the world. Indian leaders have been making delusional statements about unilaterally resolving the Kashmir conflict on the global agenda. The Indian leadership does not pay attention to fulfilling its promises to Kashmiris. Jammu and Kashmir is an internationally recognized conflict, the solution of which has been on the agenda of the United Nations since 1948.
Despite the clear resolutions of the United Nations that a free and impartial referendum is necessary for the final resolution of the conflict, India has Not only is it illegally occupying Kashmir, it is also guilty of grave human rights violations by using more than 900,000 brutal occupation forces. The Indian Army is engaged in war crimes. Condemnation has bravely continued the struggle against the occupation which India has tried to maintain through malicious geographical, demographic changes and tactics. Freedom fighters cannot dampen the spirit of Kashmiris nor deceive the world into believing India’s delusions.
The international community should play its role and responsibility regarding the ongoing Indian atrocities in the occupied territory. India should be pressured to immediately withdraw its state terrorism and the illegal and unilateral actions of 5 August 2019.The only solution to the Jammu and Kashmir conflict is to ensure that Kashmiris be given the opportunity to exercise their right to self-determination in accordance with their wishes and the resolutions of the Security Council through the democratic process of free and impartial referendum mandated by the United Nations.