Why Teachers’ dignity is at stake?

Why Teachers’ dignity

A teacher is the main person in charge of bringing up the next generation, which is the key to a country’s future. In other words, teachers are the ones who build the country, as is often said. Their experiences and observations are very important to the growth of each person’s personality, the creation of a normative society, and the reformation and growth of a progressive country. They are admired and respected for all the work they have done to make the country better and free of evil. But, unfortunately, over the last few decades, teachers have lost the respect and honour they deserve from our society. This is because moral and cultural values have been falling and ethical standards have been slipping.
The 5th of October is International Teachers’ Day, which is celebrated all over the world. On this special day, let’s try to figure out why teachers’ status in society is going down. Society’s attitude toward teachers is changing for a number of reasons, but the main reason for this disrespect and lower status is that our teachers no longer have the qualities of an ideal teacher. I think that a teacher will still be respected, revered, and honoured in society even if he or she is able to develop the qualities that this noble job calls for.
Teachers’ status in society is going down because they feel like they’re not good enough at what they do. Most teachers, especially those in elementary schools, have an inferiority complex that makes them think their job is less important than other jobs. Most of our teachers are there because they have to be, not because they want to be. Most of them would rather be doctors, engineers, or KAS officers. But when they don’t reach their goals, they choose to become teachers against their will.
In the same way, most teachers in our private schools only teach as a side job. Their main goal is to pass a competitive exam that will help them advance in their careers, since they don’t feel safe in private schools, where they aren’t paid enough and are often taken advantage of.
Human resources should have three qualities: they should be good for society, useful, and effective. To regain his dignity and do good things for society, a teacher needs to work on all three of these things. Knowledge is the first trait. No matter what a person does for a living, they need to learn a lot about their field and explore it to be good at it. A person should never stop learning, and he or she should keep up with the new areas and latest trends in his or her field in order to become an expert in that field. In the same way, a teacher should never stop learning. In fact, what he learns helps his students directly, and students always respect a teacher who knows a lot.
As the world changes quickly and we get a lot of information all at once. A teacher’s top priority should be to learn as much as possible from modern resources. But our real-life experiences make us sad when we look around and see that most teachers like living in comfort.
Instead of letting their students know about new trends and information, most teachers stick to old ways of teaching and just give their students information from books. Teachers should always learn more and keep their students up to date on current events and new information.
Expertise or training is the second most important thing. A teacher might know enough about his subject, but he might not have the expertise or training to teach it. We can’t think of an ideal teacher who doesn’t have expertise in his field, though. A teacher is an important part of how a student grows as a person and how society changes. So, he must know a lot about how students think, what problems their parents have, how education is changing, and how social norms change.
A teacher can’t just use the “chalk and talk” method, where he walks into the classroom and starts writing answers on the board for his students to copy, and then gives them daily homework to do his job. Instead, a teacher should have the best knowledge and skills to teach his students, make his lectures interesting, and give them new information. This will make his teaching useful and effective. If one way isn’t working, he should try something else to keep his lecture simple and easy to understand.
An American psychologist named Talcott Parsons said that there are 52 (which really means a lot) ways to explain a problem. If you can’t get your student to understand with one way, you should try another. A teacher should know how to make sure everyone gets along. He should work with the parents and get along with them for the good of the students. Instead of making parents responsible for their children’s flaws, a teacher should help and work with parents to help their students get better and grow. This is one of the best ways for a teacher to get his or her respect back in the community.
The third and most important thing about a teacher is how they act. If a teacher is kind, generous, and helpful to students, parents, and society as a whole, he will surely be admired and respected by everyone. Some teachers’ behaviour toward their students has been seen to not be satisfactory or acceptable. They make fun of and insult students for their small mistakes and try to make them feel bad about themselves by saying mean, hurtful, and inappropriate things. This makes students hate teachers and not respect them. Instead, a teacher should always find ways to encourage his students in a good way.
Dr. Zakir Hussain, a great educator, former president of India, and former Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia, says that a teacher must have three qualities to be respected in society. First of all, what he says should always be kind and positive. He should always try to cheer up his students with what he says.
Second, he should be a good example of a person. His way of life should be modest, well-mannered, reasonable, and civilised. Since students tend to copy everything their teachers do, a teacher should be the best example for them.
Third, a teacher needs to be careful about what he wears. People can always tell who someone is by what they wear, so a teacher should always dress in a way that fits his personality. A teacher should always dress in the right way. He shouldn’t wear anything that doesn’t go with who he is. By taking care of these three things, a teacher can gain respect and honour in the community. Prophet Mohammed (SAAW) said, “I have been sent to you as a guide or teacher to show you how to live. So, being a teacher is like being a prophet.
A teacher should work hard and honestly at his job. He should always keep thinking about himself to keep his conscience alert and aware of his responsibilities. As long as a teacher does his job honestly and with passion and meets the requirements of his noble job, he will be respected and looked up to by the rest of society.