Will SAARC Conference be held?

It seems that India once again under the leadership of Mr Modi is not interested to participate in the SAARC Conference which is scheduled to be held in Islamabad this month. Two years ago Indian prime minister used his political influence among some SAARC countries like Bangladesh, Bhottan and Afghanistan persuading them not to attend the SAARC Conference at Islamabad without any substantial reasons.

Therefore the conference could not be held last year. Now again this year the conference it seems will not be held as India and his supporters are not willing to participate making this regional setup non functional. Its great tragedy that SAARC was established in 1985 at Dhaka to foster regional cooperation boosting trade and investment among the member states as also to create understanding for enhancing peace and development with the motto to alleviate poverty in the region. In previous SAARC conference it was decided that through trade among the member states, measures will be taken to alleviate poverty and deprivation among the masses. It was the noble dream, but because of Indias stubbornness and anti-peace gestures, the dreams could not be realized and today SAARC stands non functional.

The other regional organization like ASEAN is functioning well and the economy of the member states of ASEAN is growing reasonably well. While SAARC as I wrote earlier is not moving forward because the big brother of the SAARC region i.e. India is creating unnecessary hurdles making it a non functional organization. Only four countries as I wrote earlier have decided not to attend the 19th SAARC conference to be held at Islamabad 2018. Its almost three years now since this regional conference is not being held just because India under Modi does not want to promote peace and understanding as India knows, very well that once the SAARC conference is held, the issue of Kashmir will be raised on the sidelines, of the conference which India does not want to listen or discuss as some member states of SAARC will put pressure on India to stop the brutalities being committed upon the unarmed peaceful protesters of the Occupied Kashmir. India doesn’t want to give basic human rights of the people of Occupied Kashmir while at the same time using brutal methods to calm them. The UN had given the right of self determination to the people of Kashmir through it famous resolution. India doesn’t want to implement the resolution of UNO.

The non functional status of SAARC as it stands today has also impeded the promotion of trade between the member states pushing poverty and deprivation among the people. Otherwise the SAARC region has huge potential for boosting trade and investment i.e. 22 billion dollars among the member states, but because of the conflict among the some member states, the dream of promoting peace and trade has become elusive. However as long as India acts as culprit for creating problems among the members of the SAARC states, the SAARC remains as a non functional organization which does not benefit the people of the SAARC region.

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