World to take notice of endless brutalities of Modi’s regime in Held Kashmir: Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned that India has been taken over by extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideology which might have serious repercussions on regional peace.
He said that West needs to understand the ideology of Indian extremist party RSS that believes India belongs to Hindus only.
“The current Indian regime is a follower of RSS, a hatred and supremacist ideology. West will have to understand the philosophy of RSS in order to think clearly of this problem,” he remarked while addressing Islamic Society of North America in Houston via video call.
The Prime Minister said the current Indian regime is a staunch follower of RSS, an ideology born out of hatred and Hindu supremacy. The organization was established in 1925 after getting inspiration from fascist and racist based philosophies of Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini.
This ideology believes that Hindus are superior to all other nationalities in India and the followers of other religions should either leave their country or convert to Hinduism.
This violent ideology believes in ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India.
Prime Minister said the same philosophy led to carnage of Muslims in Indian state of Gujarat earlier. It is also responsible of lynching of Muslims on slaughtering and eating of cow beef.
The Prime Minister said right now 1.90 million Muslims of Assam are on the verge of losing their Indian citizenship. It is the same ideology that has put around 9 million Muslims under curfew for 28 days in Kashmir.
He said Kashmir is a disputed territory and its future is to be decided by a plebiscite of its people. He said India tried to change the status of Kashmir by violating the relevant UN resolutions.
The Prime Minister cautioned that the conflict between two nuclear armed countries would not be limited and could have dangerous consequences. He said he raised this point during his talks with world leaders while apprising them of the Kashmir situation.
Referring to freedom of press, Imran Khan said this liberty should not be targeting the religious sentiments of any particular community.
Turning to Islamophobia, the Prime Minister said there is only one Islam and when terms like Islamic terrorism are used, it creates fear about Islam.
The Prime Minister said this Islamophobia led to attacks on Muslims in Europe.
He urged the ISNA members to use their platform and efforts to remove misconceptions in the Western world about Islam. – NNI

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