Yang Yundong assumes office in Chinese Consulate as 17th CG in Karachi as replacement to Li Bijian

Manzar Naqvi

KARACHI: Yang Yundong, the new Consul General of People’s Republic of China (PRC) has assumed the charge of the Chinese Consulate Karachi during the previous week. He is the 17th Chinese Consul General in Karachi. Yang Yundong is a highly experienced diplomat, he was born in 1971, he has master degree. Previously he has worked in the Chinese embassies in Belgium and Canada, the Western Europe Department and the General Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Yundong handed over the letter of appointment to Saqib Rauf Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Camp office, Karachi on April 18, 2023.
In Karachi there would be lot of challenges ahead for Yang as CG China as before him Li Bijian the 16th CG of China in Karachi, left the office and returned back after completing his tenure in January 2023. He had set lots of records of performances in Karachi, despite the pandemic throughout his all tenure. He performed well in every field to boost relations between the two countries.
During the tenure of Li Bijian, Pakistan-China relations have been strengthened manifold and reached a new height.
Li was the most popular and very much active Consul General in Karachi among other Consul Generals of different countries in Karachi.
He often wore Pakistani national dress Shalwar-Qameez and a waist-coat.
Before the tenure of Li Bijian, Chinese Consulate or envoys not bothered to reply emails or messages but only those which served their interest but Li Bijian had set examples to reply every message promptly from everyone on any matter and there was no communication gap between the Consulate and the person or persons concerned. Despite the pandemic, the Chinese Consulate performed excellently and breached all previous records of the services.
I hope the new 17th CG of China in Karachi Yang Yundong will be following customs of the outgoing collogue and will also breach all previous records of the services of the consulate.
I congratulate Yang Yundong on assumption the charge of CG China in Karachi and hope that Pakistan-China relations would also boost during his tenure and would reach the next level. Keep it up Yang!