Youngsters avoid ethical corruption

Corruption is one of the main issue of today’s world. According to many theoretical explanations, corruption is divided into many sub-types like power corruption, payment corruption and privilege corruption etc. But main root cause of all these corruption rises when Ethical Corruption in someone exists. Before Islam arrived at Arab, people of all tribes were involved in ethical corruption. They had no hesitation in premature burying of newly born girls/daughters. Also, if rich or strong background person committed any crime, he was not accountable for it. However contrariwise, poor people were punished immediately. When Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) arrived, he showed the wrong & right and moral path to the Arab nation and rest of the world with his practical examples. Thereafter, Islam became the most popular religion with the quality of life and moral standards. Many of the Muslim empires were established on the education and practices of the last prophet (SAW). For many decades, they ruled almost quarters of the world. Anyhow, history witnessed that the reason behind the downfall of the Muslim empires were bad governance and conflict of interest besides leaving the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).These all reasons of downfall created because of ethical corruption.
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his companions endeavours to establish the land according to the ideology and precedent of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Initially, our nation had set a good example among the other neighbouring countries in Justice, Governance system and making clean environment. But with the passage of time, the nation forgot the true essence of Islam and the reason of being existence of the country. The conflict of interest in politics and religion is the main cause of the deterioration of our generations. Now, majority people of our country involved in ethical corruption in one way or another. For instance, we see car drivers on road violating law by Passing through Red light , unnecessary lane changing and zigzagging to overtake the vehicle, all comes under the shadow of traffic ethics. Therefore, violating these ethics, we are doing nothing but ethical corruption. Yes! It is an Ethical Corruption but we as society, don’t feel any regret or accept. Even, when someone among us point out our ethical corruption and try to explain our wrong doings, instead of feeling regret, our people just pass a smile and ignore the discussion. This ignorance itself comes under ETHICAL CORRUPTION. Likewise, our people do not remorse when their elected leader involved in kickbacks or financial corruption. Rather, they say “Kuch Khata hai toh lagata bi hai”. Once there was a time, when Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan increased sugar prices and later, he faced a strong retaliation from public because people had considered it as an illegal stunt. Unfortunately, integrity in our people is now numbed. People don’t even bother to recognize it bad when they are giving or taking bribe or doing anything illegal.
Pakistan came into existence on the principles of Muhammad (PBUH). If we observe any European country, you will feel that they are following sincerely the practices of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). They are too cautious in making environment clean, they never adulteration anything in edible items, they never involve in black marketing and never try to hide any Fast Moving Consumer Goods rather, they low the prices of items / goods during their religious events. In contrary, regrettably, we are totally opposite of what they are doing. People usually ask me that as nation, how many years are we behind on competing from developed countries, 50 years or 100 years! And regretfully! My answer to them is countless years because if we follow on their good practices then indeed we are fifty years back. However, our practices and ethical standards are very awful and deplorable that we cannot compete them. The biggest problem of our society is that we never take any responsibility especially moral responsibility and pass it to one another’s shoulders.
In my opinion, despite, ethical corruption dilated on entire generation, we can get rid of that serious problem by realization of our own responsibilities and ensure to make it correct. We should focus on secular and religious education system and curriculum along-with, improving our teaching methodology which will play a pivotal role in realizing our youth about ethical standards of our society. Also, we should nurture our children at home with the moral standards. We need to be correct our actions and thinking, If we could not change ourselves than nature will not mercy upon us and that will bring a catastrophic loss to our country.

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