Z International School organises the results distribution ceremony

TFD Report

KARACHI: International School orgabised Cambridge CAIE and Checkpoint Results for the first time in history at British Deputy High Commission, here Friday. Purpose of the event was also to mark 75 years of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and the UK.
Addressing the ceremony, Mike Nithavrianakis, said that the children are the future of any country. When a child gets proper education, he grows up to be a responsible and productive citizen. Education develops the skills to face the challenges in life and improve knowledge. An educated person better understands his own and others’ purpose in society, and their rights.
Mike Nithavrianakis appreciated the role of the British Pakistani community in promoting Pak-UK relations and making constructive contribution to the progress and development of both countries. He immensely appreciated the efforts of Zeeshan Altaf Lohya for the promotion of education in the country.
Speaking on the auspicious occasion, Martin Dawson, said that good education can lead to a strong mind set and healthy cognitive framework. Thus, the education being provided to children needs to be carefully monitored. Education for children is necessity in this rapidly changing world and the growing network of Z International Schools has been accomplishing this task by providing quality and contemporary education to the children across the country.
He was enthusiastic about completion of 75 years friendship between Pakistan and Britain and emphasized the significance of youth in shaping the contours of a futuristic relationship.
Founder & Chairman of Z International Schools, Zeeshan Altaf Lohya, said that since 2 decades we are providing quality education, Z is a unique and cherished place for students’ character building, providing conducive environment for learning ,here at Z we have multiple activities, we have sports department that includes swimming, cricket, futsal, archery, horse riding and many indoor games, we believe that every child is talented in his own way, so to explore the hidden talents of our Zeenians we have created societies like Dramatics, Debates, Arts & Crafts.
The main purpose is to ensure that the young people we serve are well prepared for the challenges they face in a rapidly changing world.
Without a doubt the hard work of my team truly reflects in the results of our outstanding Primary & lower Secondary Checkpoints & O Level result as our Zeenians grabbed marvelous grades.
Shields and certificates were awarded to the high achievers.
Z always believes in appreciating the hard work of the teachers, awards were given to the teachers for their best performance throughout the year.
At the end of the ceremony, M.D Saboohi Zeeshan presented vote of thanks.