ZA Business Solutions vows to attract huge remittances thru incredible softwares

We are capable to compete with international softwares if state supports: Rao Saad

TFD Report

KARACHI: Man’s quest and dedication takes him to a place and from there he has to go on his own – this quest helps him and man keeps finding new destinations and new paths.
After building our first software, we gained incredible confidence, and that confidence helped us to move forward.
Rao says that I was interested in software and spent my youth exploring the hidden craftsmanship of different softwares.
As time went on, the software and the secrets behind it began to flow into my blood and I started adapting and mastering software and related programs.
ZABS also started as a link to further the same passion and enthusiasm.
Rao added that Our focus is on meeting the needs of the international market through Pakistan-made softwares so that we and our country can earn maximum foreign exchange and to gain the software made in Pakistan internationally acceptance.
The government should facilitate services like Western Union and PayPal so that freelancers do not face any difficulty in obtaining remittances. The government should also facilitate the freelance potential to accommodate the industry.
ZABS constantly looks for new ways to reach new destinations through business. In this regard, we are also setting up a platform called Khoj Trip through which we can attract international tourists and we can also play our role in promoting the tourism industry in Pakistan, Rao Saad Ahmed tells the TFD.

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