Zardari’s threatening speech!


This is not the first time that Asif Ali Zardari former co chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party has threatened the security establishment and openly criticized top judiciary. He has been doing it in the past also and managed to get away.

But after having uttered derogatory remarks against establishment he felt unsafe so he left Pakistan and came back after one and half year. Criticism against judiciary and establishment has become pass time hobby of politicians and section of media without realizing its consequences. It is not only confined to PPP and PML N but other smaller opposition parties leadership is also indulging in this game. There is well known saying that nib the evil in the bud, but establishment and judiciary proved to be very lenient as a result we see action replay

There is no doubt that Asif Zardari is in serious trouble and with new cases coming up he is really over worried and himself says that jail is his second home. Apart from Asif Zardari other top leaders are also facing corruption charges. Latest disclosure of owning apartment in USA not declared in the assets is a serious issue and may face disqualification and be out of National assembly. The Omni group scam perhaps is the biggest scam in the history of Pakistan. To release pressure he is trying to build up public opinion in his favor to bring them on streets to rescue him in case he is apprehended. He is trying mustering support of other opposition parties to chalk out common strategy to bring people on the road. It all depends on opposition parties whether to side with him or stay away.

Since opposition is also under pressure due to corruption scandals they may avoid helping zardari who also face problems within his own party. But the question arises that Zardari having faced music earlier by threatening security establishment has once again embarked on dangerous path that may ultimately end his career. Who is backing him to come so openly against security establishment is not rocket science. He has full backing of PML N. Nawaz has suffered badly due to wrong strategy and being on the wrong side of establishment. It all depends on the decision of his cases for which stage is set and verdict will be announced on 24 Dec 2018. Although the circumstances are not in his favour but in Pakistan anything can happen. Nawaz’s hard hitting statements and criticism is over and he has changed its modus operandi in dealings with judiciary and security establishment but it is too late now. Asif Zardari shall try to use Sind card but chances are that it may not work as he is now fully exposed within and outside the country.

It is also true that PTI as expected has not delivered as a result strong opposition is all out to challenge the government and waiting for opportune moment to strike the government. It is very unfortunate that IK continues to refer to cricket that he needs to forget and concentrate on issue and results.

PTI should understand that opposition is mustering support of all the coalition partners. Due to strength in the parliament they can create problems for IK but no notice is being taken. For last four months no legislation has taken place. The major cause has been appointment of Chairman Public Account Committee on which all the opposition parties wanted leader of the opposition Shahbaz Sharif to be nominated and PTI government was reluctant but under pressure has now nominated Shahbaz Sharif to be chairman PAC. Real issues are taken very lightly in fact modus operandi of PTI is just on the lines of PML N and is evident that no lesson is learnt.PTI has to adopt short term goal oriented strategy to satisfy the voters. He came to power with two slogans to eliminate corruption and improve conditions of poor; unfortunately they have failed on both counts. Ever increasing prices of commodities is adding to frustration. Social media is high lighting the plight of poor who are finding it difficult to meet both ends. In fact it is NAB that is creating problems for the opposition leaders, they are under tremendous pressure, and PTI could exploit this situation but displaying immaturity. They need to lay down the priorities with sole aim of providing relief to common man. IK has done great harm to his vision and credibility when he talked about calling early election. May be part of long strategy, but IK should know calling early elections shall be suicidal as with the policies adopted there has been great frustration in voters who continue to suffer due to economic crunch with no visible sign of any relief. Opposition is very happy on this statement as they openly say that IK has failed to give good governance and people are not happy the way things are moving needs to be analysed properly.

Imran Khan should understand at present he is all alone fighting against corrupt people and is likely to face tough challenges, but he should not look back but continue his journey towards converting Pakistan in to Naya Pakistan.

Success isn’t always easy, and the road to achieving it can be bumpy. Even some of the world’s most successful and famous people including Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, lost their jobs and overcame challenges before they became someone whose names are remembered by everyone. Failing can even be motivator that helps guide future success. When you have to struggle to overcome challenges, it can help you work even harder to achieve your goal. Don’t lose sight of your objective lest 22 years struggle goes waste.

The writer is a freelance journalist and defence Analyst.