Zuhra Karim: We miss you mom

Zuhra Karim, founder and publisher of SHE Magazine passed away peacefully at her family’s home in Singapore on 5th July 2019. (Surely we belong to Allah and to him shall we return).
For the acknowledgement of the services of my mother and to pay tribute to her Karachi Editors Club (KEC) is also organizing a condolence reference at Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi on Saturday, July 20, 2019. I am thankful to all members of the KEC for this initiative.
Zuhra Karim was born in 1932 to an English mother and Pakistani father. Zuhra was educated in Musoorie and the UK, attending the London School of Economics when it was still rare for women to gain a university education, and she went on to work at the United Nation’s FAO in Rome. Returning to Pakistan she founded the magazine to which she dedicated over 50 years of her life.
“Our mother was committed to social justice and humanitarian progress in Pakistan, causes she believed could not be achieved without the education and empowerment of women,” I would like to mentioned here that “and SHE magazine’s ‘magic mix’ of women’s rights and social causes peppered with fashion and cookery was her way to reach as wide a constituency as possible.” The recipe was validated, and for a long time SHE remained the largest circulating magazine in Pakistan.
Throughout this time, SHE served as a professional training ground for writers and journalists, designers, artist, photographers – a cadre of creative mentored and trained by Zuhra Karim, who was characteristically seen every day striding back and forth across the floor of the SHE offices in her ‘sari’.
Zuhra Karim’s signature ‘sari’ and high-tied back bun epitomised her elegance and grace, which naturally extended to her home where she was a remarkable hostess, wife and mother, orchestrating sit down dinners, receptions and her children’s birthday parties with equal finesse and sophistication. “Our mother was loving, witty and warm, a straight talking perfectionist who encouraged us to work hard, to strive to be the best version of ourselves,” according to my brother Javed Kureishi. “So gracious and eloquent, and with a sharp and penetrating mind. She was emblematic of the old Karachi, which is fast fading,” said a long-time friend.
From 1977-1983, Zuhra Karim helped Nasra School to cement and extend its mission to provide low cost quality education for boys and girls – opening a second campus in Malir – and she served as a trustee for several years after her direct involvement ended. In 1982, she co-founded SOS villages, Sindh to develop the first village in Malir, where hundreds of young boys and girls were able to grow up in a loving, caring home.
“Epitomising cosmopolitan views and progressive values, Zuhra Karim was warm and affectionate with an inimitable personality, passionately devoted to Pakistan’s development. She will be deeply missed,” said Javed Jabbar.
We are receiving lots of condolence messages continuously and guests at our home to condole death of our mother. On this painful time. On behalf of my family, I am thankful to all who have shared our grief through their telephonic calls and by visiting our family.
We miss you mom.

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