10th JCC of China and Pakistan on CPEC


The most awaited 10th meeting of the Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) scheduled to be held on 16th of July 2021.
Chairman, CPEC Authority Lt. Gen. (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa announced the date of the JCC, while informing that the meeting will be held via video link.
The JCC meeting is being held after a gap of over one-and-a-half years, will be attended by high ups of both China and Pakistan through a video link.
Naysayers had commenced a negative campaign against the delaying dates of 10th JCC meeting which was being postponed due to global pandemic of covid-19 maintaining proclivity as a pattern of propaganda in last seven years since China announced its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Pakistan overwhelmingly initiated it, the propaganda picked its momentum as soon as CPEC Authority was formed and Major General (retd) Asim Bajwa took over as Chairman CPEC Authority, as the opponent knew that now no power on earth can delay or obstruct CPEC completion .
The JCC conference, which was packed to capacity, brought together Pakistan’s Parliamentarians, Foreign Ambassadors, former Pakistani diplomats, academicians, government officials from China and Pakistan, media representatives, think tanks and civil society members under one roof by further enhancing the bilateral relations between “all weather” countries China and Pakistan.
JCC meeting will open new vistas for the CPEC in field of science, technology, industries and the Gwadar Port and will further enhance the cooperation between the two countries to expedite progress on the under construction projects.
The 10th JCC meeting will take place in an increased atmosphere of cordiality, friendship, mutual trust and desire to explore new avenues for cooperation between the two iron-brothers countries
The 10th JCC meeting reiterates the resolve of both China and Pakistan to complete ongoing projects under the CPEC which has contributed substantially to Pakistan’s development and prosperity,
The upcoming 10th JCC meeting fully reiterates the fact that the ‘China-Pakistan All-weather Strategic Cooperative Partnership’ is beneficial to international and regional peace and stability. The two sides have always shown commitment for enhancing mutual strategic trust, strengthening cooperation, maintaining the momentum of high-level exchanges for further advancing the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, promoting bilateral relationship to a higher level, and delivering greater benefits to both countries and the two peoples.
Pakistan and China have completed 19 projects under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), 28 CPEC projects are under-construction and 41 more are in the pipeline, over 70,000 direct jobs have already been created under CPEC and another 450,000 direct jobs could be generated in next 3 to 4 years.
Since last JCC significant progress has been made on projects under Gwadar with the port which has been made fully operational for Afghan transit trade and now online booking for delivery of goods can be made.
The work on Phase-II of Gwadar Free Zone is underway and other projects connected to Gwadar Port have also been expedited in last two and a half years.
Gwadar City Master Plan has been approved and a hospital is also being built in Gwadar with the help of China.
The 85 percent work on the Gwadar East Bay Expressway had been completed connecting port to the Coastal highway through the East Bay expressway. This 6-lane expressway along with a provision of 30 meters wide railway corridor will connect the port with the Mekran Coastal Highway (N-20) through the 2300 acres Free Trade Zone of Gwadar Port and it will be completed in October 2021. Gwadar Eastbay Expressway is one of the key projects in the development of Gwadar.
Completion of Gwadar Eastbay Expressway carries a lot in its lap for the Coastal City. It will not only help Gwadar Port to fully capitalize on its trading potential but will also turn Gwadar into a hub of investment for businesses across Pakistan.
IA/PPA for 300 MW power plant in final stage of process, Gwadar Airport completion is also in full swing and about 12,000 jobs have been provided in Gwadar during the last 3 years.
The tremendous progress made in the CPEC projects signals the “shared commitment of Pakistan and China” in the project. CPEC has boosted local power industry. The CPEC motorway projects have created over 50,000 jobs in the country.
The Rashakai Special Economic Zone SEZ’s and Gwadar Free Trade Zone under the transformational process.
The federal government is set to propose eight new projects in the 10th meeting of Joint Coordination Committee on CPEC to be held on 16th July Friday, include Greater Peshawar Mass Transit Project, 82-kilometre (km) Swat Expressway Phase-II, Karachi Port Development Project, 105km Thar-Chor Railway Line, 22km Hub-Karachi Railway Line, Keti Bandar Port Development Project, 182km Karachi-Quetta-Chaman Motorway and Optical Fibre Phase II.
The CPEC has now moved from infrastructure, energy, and development to agriculture, industry, Information Technology, science and technology.
The CPEC JCC would focus on urbanization, digitization, and modernization as the pre-requisites for rapid development in the years to come.
The 10th JCC will promote strategic communication and closer coordination on all issues of common interests.
Pakistan is grateful to China’s help in generating economic activity in Pakistan and especially in long neglected Baluchistan and for rapid development of Gwadar, and creating thousands of job opportunities in Pakistan. China Pakistan Economic Corridor was the biggest project of regional cooperation in the world and the progress on this project has made Pakistan’s friends happy and enemies worried. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has achieved significant milestones
through joint efforts of the governments, enterprises, and peoples of both the countries.
People in Pakistan are literally in romance with CPEC and it has now become a household name in the country. Through events like JCC, both countries get an excellent opportunity to consolidate the existing all-weather friendship. China Cooperation during COVID-19″ made CPEC a resilient feature even during a global pandemic. In fact CPEC progressed with full speed and vigor during COVID-19 & accelerated its pace and expedited almost all of its major projects during the global pandemic which is like a miracle for the rest of the world to watch and learn.
CPEC is playing a pivotal role in bolstering the friendship and solidarity between the peoples of Pakistan and China and is highly valued in Pakistan. CPEC is a game changer, transformational and consensus-oriented project and is “gateway” to prosperity.
The entire nation and world is eyeing on 10th JCC meeting which is the highest decision-making forum on CPEC which would review progress and future projects.
Long Live China-Pakistan Friendship.

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