A brave policeman honoured

At the very outset let me congratulate Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar Inspector General of Police Sind in honouring a great son of Sind ASI Muhammad Baksh Barero and his family giving a befitting hero’s welcome that set personal example of highest bravery risking not only his own life but life of whole family. It was very attractive and colourful ceremony reminds me visit of Queen Elizabeth visit to Pakistan when she drove in same fashion with Ayub Khan. This gesture by IG Police shall now encourage the entire Sind Police to follow the example of ASI Muhammad Bash, He has not elevated pride of Sind but Pakistan and now that will stay as part of our history. Mr Barero is proud son of Pakistan, he has created a history by controlling his emotions being father of a daughter could no longer control his feelings for his other daughter who fell victim to a monster and evil minded creature. Undoubtedly Sind Police has also given great sacrifices in maintaining law and order situation and fighting terrorists, but the present nature of crime is totally different. It is an act against humanity, our culture, our traditions, our Islamic teachings. This is an act of barbarism that just cannot be overlooked. We do hear about rape cases too frequently lately the frequency has increased. The famous case was that of Motorway. Here it was a case of a teen ager, they are like flowers, meant to spread their odour in all directions, and they are innocent need everybody’s love not dirty assaults. Muhammad Baksh by putting his own and family’s life has proved that he cares more about others when they need police help, has set a wonderful personal example as a result he has become hero of everybody. He is receiving congratulations from every nook and corner of the country. To some this may look a very trivial matter but in reality this act of a bold junior officer has created a history that shall remain topic of discussion for years to come.
Let us not forget Amjad Sheikh Senior Superintendent of Police who went all out and supported his junior officer and allowed him to risk his family in getting hold that monster who met his fate at the hands of bold police officer. It is always the leader that provides you additional strength. IGP is rightly proud of this brave act on the part of police specially Mohammad Baksh. IGP Sind has announced reward of Rs 2 Million, recommendation for the civil award to him and his brave daughter.
It is certainly a slap on the face of all those people who criticise police all over Pakistan especially in Sind being corrupt and politicised. Muhammad Baksh has proved it wrong to the world that still there are good people who are always ready to lay down their lives in protecting lives of other people who are in danger. The world shall remember him by good name hailing from Kashmore who entertained aggrieved women on her complaint who had been raped along with her 3 year old innocent daughter. Muhammad Baksh hearing the story had two options, the common option just to ignore and give her lolly pop and the other option was to help and rescue her. Having heard the story he could not control himself and when his tears started rolling down from his eyes on his proud uniform, perhaps it was that moment when he decided to heal the terrible wounds of women considering her as her own sister and assured her that he will do everything possible on earth to catch the culprit and bring him to justice. Barero was not a tactician, never studied tactics, he never attended any high training institute, never attended foreign course, but he had faith in Allah and in his uniform he was wearing, never thought for a moment that the culprit may be influential, may be related to some elite, and may have links with high ups. He pushed aside all these presumptions just with one aim that her sister has come for help that too in a matter that is so painful even to hear and for a moment he must have thought Allah has given him a chance to prove his abilities and come up to the expectations of his superiors. With faith in Allah and support of his SSP he took the initiative and started acting on the plan prepared and duly approved to apprehend the monster who proved to be worst than an animal.
Most dangerous and daring step he took by offering her own daughter though in disguise to trap this evil minded person but on the face of it looks very difficult. But look at the conviction, courage and spirit of sacrifice of her proud daughter who has now become proud of entire Pakistan. Entire Pakistan salutes to their bravery. No amount of money can substitute such acts of bravery, but it is always the recognition that matters. Mushtaq Mahar has done it in a most dignified manner and has set a good precedence to honour such police hero’s for his successors. He still has 6 years to retire; IGP may consider his promotion as a special case by relaxing rules that is not unusual. Secondly possibility may also be explored naming some police lines in the name of Muhammad Baksh Barero Police Lines in Karachi that would certainly motivate the entire police force and if possible street may be named in his name in his hometown or otherwise as deemed appropriate.

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