A new threat to international peace and harmony


USA has once again played “petty trick” to be back on the track of pursuing its rigid and crafty stance to irk China by challenging its national integrity and sovereignty as US President Joe Biden has called a virtual summit on democracy on December 9 and 10 inviting Taiwan along with other 110 countries of the world excluding China, Russia and Turkey—- a member of NATO.
The theme of the summit is to galvanize commitments and initiatives across three principal themes: defending against authoritarianism, promoting respect for human rights and fighting corruption.
Most United Nations countries don’t recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state. Taiwan is not even a member of the UN and its sub organizations. The United Nations endorsed and supported the ‘one-China ‘policy 50 years back which is a diplomatic acknowledgment of China’s position that there is only one Chinese government.
The UN on 25 October 1971 approved a resolution which states that the “representatives of the Government of the People’s Republic China are the only lawful representatives to the United Nation”.
Washington’s growing hysteria and phobia against China of a rival superpower’s rising global economic, military and technological power reflects former insecurities to counter, curtail and contain China as an adversary state rather than having healthy competition with later. Thus the US is taking a harsh, offensive and hardline approach against China.
The world political leaders are perplexed to gauge that what exactly was the point which made USA to conduct the summit on so called “democracy” in haste, just soon after Biden-Xi Jinping 3.5 hours longest and direct virtual meeting on 15 Nov, where Xi had explicitly warned Biden ‘playing with fire’ on Taiwan issue if Beijing’s red line was crossed and subsequently Biden agreement to support one china policy and to oppose unilateral efforts to change status quo to undermine peace and stability over Taiwan strait.
The US ulterior motive to control China by using Taiwan is very dangerous and counterproductive and might provoke a Chinese attack. Taiwan’s status as an autonomous democracy lures American’s interest to contain Chinese influence as the rapidly emerging next ‘super power’ of the world. The Biden administration’s obsession to follow a contain-China policy flows from a deeply entrenched American view that perceives China as a strategic challenge and adversary.
Taiwan being a disputed territory or inalienable part & province of China by no mean a qualified country to join the United Nation and its affiliated agencies. Taiwan’s entry into UN is just a pseudo-proposition that could ever be materialized no matter what, thus any effort of manipulation by US in this regard will be considered as clear defiance and violation of UN resolutions to bring divisions and rifts in the only undisputed global organization who is a symbol of maintaining international order across the world. The US in one way or another is trying to jeopardize the UN role of executing power which world history will never forgive and forget how Washington’s cruel, mean and self-centered approach undermined world peace, stability, harmony and unity.
Biden has taken a provocative decision to invite Taiwan in its summit on democracy in December that has accentuated ties with Beijing. Washington resists Taiwan to become part of China just because it would ultimately pave the way to Beijing to become an instant ‘pacific power’ which will hamper US interests as it apprehends would force Washington to close its military bases in Japan and South Korea to choke off its oil shipments.
The US should avoid taking disgraceful moves to distort and humiliate the UN resolution of ‘one China’. The US through its influence can only pressurize its allies to pacify relations with Taiwan but it can’t negate arbitrary UN resolutions that involve core national interests of major states of the world. The so-called summit on democracy will drag the US in nothing but political hooligan as the two cards “human rights” and “democracy” used by Washington to malign and contain Beijing have lost their charm.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian while briefing the media said that China “firmly opposes the invitation to Taiwan by the US authorities. For Washington so-called democracy is just an excuse for the US to pursue its geopolitical goals, suppress other countries, divide the world and serve its own selfish interests of maintaining its hegemony in the world, In the name of democracy, the US is creating bloc politics and stoking confrontation. This is a revisit to the Cold War mentality. It is questioned and opposed by people holding fair views in the world”.
As far as the human rights situation in the USA, White supremacy in the United States has shown a resurgence trend, Shootings and brutal abuse of African Americans by policemen are common practice. The death of George Floyd at the hands of US police officers had triggered worldwide protests against police brutality in the USA, is just a recent case. White house warmly welcome notorious Indian PM Modi who is notorious for committing human rights abuses on Minorities in India and subjugating Muslim population in Illegal Indian occupied Kashmir. The USA proclaiming Champion of human rights has committed two crimes in Afghanistan – crimes against humanity and war crimes. Aside from killing Afghan civilians, punishing, torturing and abusing captured Afghan people, the US is also accused of insulting their religion. Moreover, the 20-year-long war struck a heavy blow to Afghanistan’s economy and since 2001, the country’s economic and social development has stagnated yet USA after its humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan has frozen country’s financial assets causing a humanitarian crisis over there and USA in no mood to show mercy towards the starving situation in the country. USA human rights violations in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Vietnam etc are brutal and unforgivable part of the history that’s why USA is known as “White Elephant” who always abandons its allies once it’s vested geo political interests are fulfilled. Human rights and democracy are two slogans raised by the USA as a cover to achieve its vicious agenda and goals across the globe.
The USA ditching and fleeing history is an example for Taiwan not to be misled and misused by Washington as a blatant card to directly confront the Chinese mainland as Taiwan secessionists will soon be discarded like a “used tissue” has already been done with Vietnam and Afghanistan by Washington in the recent past. It should serve as a warning to the secessionists in the island that the USA is craftily playing the “Taiwan card” to ruffle China’s feathers.
International relations experts and analysts wonder how the Joe Biden administration will uphold the so-called cause of Taiwan who under UN resolutions explicitly supports one-China policy. Taiwan secessionists should not forget the heavy resources and investments made by the USA in Afghanistan and then its unilateral decision of withdrawing from Kabul abandoning its allies, neither is it the first example nor will it be the last. Thus, secessionists in the island will have to realize that they should not rely on Washington’s empty promises at all.
China has already intimated those playing fire on Taiwan will be “burnt”. If war breaks out across the Taiwan Straits, US will never intervene militarily to fulfill its commitments as US always prefers it’s vicious and vested interest above anything else, even draining its own allies. Without any shadow of doubt Taiwan will be abandoned by Washington any time if its core national interests are endangered as a part of US policy on the Island.
In my opinion Pakistan should snub the USA invitation to the summit of democracy as a “guest”. Pakistan should express solidarity with China likewise the gesture expressed by Beijing which recently didn’t attend the Indian summit on Afghanistan in New Delhi.
The USA should learn from its past blunders by blatantly interfering in the internal affairs of the sovereign countries of the world on the pretext of lame excuses of democracy and human rights. The US should avoid holding wimpy shows to turn a multi-colored world into black and white divisions only. There is a dire need of peaceful co-existence between all states by giving acceptance to different social systems, ideologies, histories, cultures, and development levels instead of imposing single yardstick to judge others with biased approach shaping a global polycentric architecture creating new ‘dividing lines’ to stoke up ideological confrontation and rifts in the world per a specific country’s malicious vested interest.

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