A petrifying nightmare


It was a dark and stormy night and we had justreturned from a party, extremely late that’s why I wasfeeling quiet drowsy. So I rapidly got into my bed and fall asleep. Suddenly I woke up at the midnight, to get a glass ofwater as I was feeling very thirsty from the kitchen’s window, I saw that all my neighbors are standing outside
the gardens watching me. I was puzzled to see theirappearance, I just came across something terrifying, whichmakes my goosebumps stand and that terrible thing was a
big fire! Yes there was an extreme fire catching allsurrounding of my house. I shouted for help, some people tryto come forward but the fire was boosting bigger and bigger
and then astonishingly there were some lines appearing onthe door.It says, “Here is a Riddle, solve it to get out of thetrouble” and “Go and open each lock at your house and oddone out, then you will be freed”.
Now what I was thinking the answer of that riddle, suddenly it stricken in my mind and I went to each door atmy house, At last I went to the store room which was unlock,
I went inside and opened a locked box as I opened it a voicecame from the box “I am the ghost of the box, you are beenchosen to help me, so then you will be freed from thismystery”, what would I have to do? I asked, He replied youhave to go to the palace of truth and bring apples from thetree of truth. “From where will I go” I asked! From here heclapped 3 times and there was a magical door appeared onthe wall, I quickly entered into the door,It was very haunted, I kept walking until I came across
a giant talking tree. He said, why are you here? I told him allmy story. Hmm Okay I am ready to help you, here take myApples, He replied, “Thank you so much Mr. Tree” I Said, thenimmediately I went back to the door, and asked Mr. Ghostwhy you want that apple?He said, “Once my friend stoled something from the house of my Master, and blamed me for it, but as I knewabout magic and Apple of truth, so I could make him eat it,so he tells the truth to everyone, as he knew about mymagic, he killed me because he feared from being caught,and my last wish was to get the apple of truth and now I gotit, I am very hungry but I eat nothing else than Humans! I amgoing to eat you…
Suddenly I woke up, Ohh! What a petrifying Nightmare itwas. It was the worst nightmare, I could ever hardly have, Iwish never had that nightmare again.
Well it is great that it was just a nightmare not something real.