Act fast and not react

It has now become a fashion to blame Arab rulers that they have done nothing to extend us help on our core issue of Kashmir. Before we blame them it will be more appropriate first to examine as to what we have done in solving Kashmir issue that is lingering on since the existence of Pakistan.
History of Kashmir has been repeated many a times and we all know how this problem was created and who were the characters involved.
This must be understood that Kashmir problem has nothing to do with Muslim Ummah its responsibility lies with British who allowed illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir in violation of partition plan of 3 June 1947. As per this plan 562 princely states of India were given open choice either to join India or Pakistan with two conditions first one was that it should have majority of Hindus or Muslims and second state should have geographical contiguity means directly connected with the mother state. This principle was followed except three states Junagarh, Hyderabad Deccan and Kashmir. Nawab of Junagarh acceded to Pakistan, Nizam of Hyderabad Deccan wanted to be independent. The rulers of both these states were Muslims but majority was of Hindus, India rejected the decision of state rulers on two counts firstly majority of population was of Hindus and were not contiguous to Pakistan so India forcibly occupied these two states. But this principle was ignored in case of Kashmir which had majority of Muslims but the ruler was Hindu and it was contiguous to Pakistan. India forcibly occupied Kashmir by landing her forces on the request of Hindu Raja Hari Singh who conspired against Muslim majority and acted against their wishes by signing instrument of accession with India that was totally illegal.People revolted against this decision and war started between Kashmiris and freedom fighters against Indian army as they were about to enter Srinagar Nehru went to UN and begged for ceasefire and promised to hold plebiscite under UN to which Pakistan agreed, that resolution is still live in the files of UN and remains un implemented.
The purpose of giving this background is to reach to a conclusion and to see who are responsible in creating this issue. Mainly the British who gave independence to us and India according to partition plan known as Redclif award but did not adhere to the plan agreed. The first blow was handing over district Gurdaspur with Muslim majority to India whereas it was initially given to Pakistan as per partition formula and the only link to go to Kashmir. Quaid Azam perhaps intentionally did not object to this change because that might have jeopardised the partition plan and caused delay in independence of a separate state. So firstly the British and then the United Nations are responsible in not ensuring implementation of UN Resolution on Kashmir. Pakistan took a risk in 1965 and helped Mujahedeen’s to capture Jammu but India again cried for ceasefire and UN came to rescue of India that-ended the war with signing of Tashkent Declaration. Since India suffered great humiliation so he conspired against Pakistan to take revenge and waged war in East Pakistan. Therefore we had to go to war again in 1971.India with the help of Shaikh Mujeebur Rahman attacked East Pakistan with three Corps against hardly two divisions, Pakistan lost half the country and ended up in Simla Agreement that paved way for return of POW’s and CFL was converted in to LOC. In 1999 we had Kargil adventure the war on the battle field was lost on table when PM Nawaz Sharif accepted Bill Clintons order to withdraw forces. In 2005 Musharraf and Vajpayee were near the solution when L K Advani intervened and that was the end of solution. Our all attempts failed and all wars remained inconclusive. All along Muslim ummah was there some did help us openly some were unmoved. We must understand one thing that every country has its own interest and that overrides all types of assurances and promises.
Oil rich countries give us money as well oil when we are in crisis that does not mean they can forget their interest. These days it is economic war. No country can ignore market of India with 1.25 billion people. Pakistan leaders were busy in making business deals and were not pushed about Kashmir. What we have done about Kashmir after 1965 war, merely lip service. We always got price in the shape of dollars from Islamic countries. In spite of rigid attitude of India we continued giving them all the facilities and were magnanimous in giving concessions after concessions but got no benefit whatsoever. See our keenness on Kartarpur border, why should we blame our Muslim ummah
Lastly I would like to quote the recent statement of Secretary General UN who showed concern and want both countries to solve issue peacefully and he further said he is keeping watch on the Kashmir situation. He failed to realise the state of Kashmiris who are under curfew
for last 27 days, cut off from rest of the world with no communication facilities
Amid this turmoil Prime Minister addressed the nation and Friday was observed a day of solidarity to tell the world that in this difficult hour whole nation stands behind Kashmiris and shall never leave them. But question arises why should we show sign of weakness by saying war will destroy both the countries, Pakistan is a nuclear power. It is no more a secret and in case of war there will be destruction everywhere and this war will engulf the whole world. Such statements send wrong signal to the enemies. What should be Pakistan’s priority? The only priority should be to provide immediate relief to besieged Kashmiris who are under curfew for the last 27 days. We cannot go to war but at least we can meet world leaders, international community expose Modi’s brutalities, show them videos. Apart from this India has already started genocide of Muslims throughout India besides Kashmir. The videos uploaded on social media shows the real face of India who is bent upon to kill Muslims and Modi is known for this. We are getting late let us not wait for 27 September we have to take some revolutionary steps to stop killing of innocent Kashmiris, that does not mean that we should attack India but we must at least show up.step up our diplomatic efforts, making telephone calls is no substitute in meeting them and apprising them of the critical situation. Time is running fast as a last resort me may have to exercise last option of war, are we prepared!
Lastly the time if runs out than India will only carry carry out further co consolidation to improve its diplomatic and political position.We must have a short term plan that is not only workable but also universally acceptable.

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