Adbi Forum celebrates Legacy of ‘Dastangoi’ storytelling art


Farzana Mansoor

SHARJAH (UAE): Adbi Forum Pakistan Social Center Sharjah organized a captivating ‘Dastangoi’ storytelling event at Pakistan Social Center Sharjah. The event showcased the enchanting art of storytelling, mesmerizing the audience with its rich cultural heritage.
The highlight of the evening was the spellbinding performance by renowned storyteller Syed Sahil Agha, whose captivating skills earned him applause from the audience.
The event commenced with Zahid Ali welcoming the guests, followed by an insightful conversation between Farzana Mansoor and Sahil Agha about the history of ‘Dastangoi’ and Syed Sahil Agha’s remarkable journey as a world-famous storyteller.
Syed Sahil Agha then presented an enthralling piece of Dastan, mesmerizing the audience with his narration style.
“Storytelling is the service of Urdu,” said Syed Sahil Agha. “It is an effort to keep people connected with Urdu history, civilization, and literature. We are reaching out to people through this art, and it is crucial at a time when many are forgetting Urdu.”
Dr. Rahmina Zafar, President of the Literary Forum PSCS, emphasized the importance of keeping the art of storytelling alive and informing the younger generation about this rich heritage. “This is a small effort to revive this dying art, and we hope our endeavors will bear fruit, allowing us to introduce this art to future generations,” she said.
The event concluded with Pakistan Social Center Sharjah President Khalid Hussain Chaudhary and Dr. Noor us Saba presenting honorary shields and gifts to the esteemed guests, acknowledging their contributions to preserving this cultural treasure.
The ‘Dastangoi’ storytelling event organized by the Pakistan Social Center Sharjah and Adbi Forum was a resounding success, celebrating the art of oral storytelling and highlighting its significance in preserving Urdu language and cultural heritage.