Pakistani youth: In an abyss of melancholia?


Youth, indeed, a great blessing for a nation. Human capital is one of the fortuner a country can hold and if this capital has more than half of population consist of young minds then what can cease the state to rise and stand tall. Pakistan is one of the countries where population comprises 60% of young adults. A great asset but under unfortunate circumstances, this human capital is losing its worth day by day. The reasons behind are vivid to many and vague, to some, at the same time.
The difference of perspectives and viewpoints is one of the impetus behind the veil of despair, exaggeration, extremism and hopelessness among youth of Pakistan. Along with the trend of social exploitation, political instability, and unequal distribution of financial productivity in compliance with apartheid culture in Pakistan like most of the South Asian countries. The elements mentioned above not only affect the social lives but also cause retardation into the mental capacities of youth.
Furthermore, the class distinction of elite, middle and poor is another concern leading toward the depression and anxiety among youngsters. The trend of competition in each and every activity of daily life is a usual practice. Be it dressing, food, luxury cars, houses; everything matters except what we want for ourselves.
A man need to look after his heart, where he finds solace for himself not where the world takes him!
In Pakistan, Psychological and emotional instability are one of the topics that are not given much weight. As a result, children become hopeless and lonely as they navigate their way from childhood to maturity. It is the youth in whose hands the future of Pakistan is entrusted. According to a survey of James Walter Thompson on Pakistanis, the anxiety and depression level is 91% as 9 out of 10 people feel the pessimism to some extent in their attitudes. The most common reasons behind this backlash may include the elevated prices of food, unemployment and the high rates of petroleum products.
The root cause for unemployment may include the depreciation of skills. In developing and under developed countries, the skillful person is not given much admiration along with low wages, in comparison with, developed countries. After getting higher level of education, they can’t even guarantee to get a job which is able to be obliged with their necessities. It is a substantial difference in the world of prerequisite and despair. The increasing frustration is getting on alarming level as the morals and societal norms jeopardizing, gradually.
The youth’s only escape is to get away with their responsibilities and the simple ways constitute drug addiction, smuggling, robbery and many such immoral pursuits. Along with the pressure from family, as it is one of the trends in Pakistan that one person gets the financial burden and the only breadwinner of the whole family, became a reason behind the infuriated behaviors. According to Bureau of Immigration and Overseas Employment, the exodus number escalates to 4,50,110. The impetus behind this mass migration takes in the opportunities of job, education and better lifestyle. Everyone prefers to live their life in the best facilities rather than only needs. The brain drain has got Pakistan on its knees.
Why it is the course of our lives that we can’t discuss the psychological issues, we can’t see a psychiatrist? Why it is an embarrassing moment if the discussion is made on psychical health and emotional well-being with family and friends? The standards of the society got so high that we can’t even accept and identify each other. May be the capitalistic world gave us nothing but hopeless, depressed and sabotage versions of ourselves. Getting a job and marrying into a good family became a great deal nowadays. It is startled report; the UN had issued that 10 million women over age of 35 are unmarried in Pakistan.
Hopeless Romantic was the talk of the town. Now, it is Hopeless Generation …Adult and Alone… full of emotions but at the same time, senseless of its own emotions.
May be ‘hopeless generation’ is another pandemic of the century. Pakistani youth may face more challenges than any other nation but it is fact that nothing can be achieved without breaking obstacles of your very own limits of IQ Intelligence Quotient and EQ Emotional Quotient. Self-meditation is one of the solutions that must be practiced in educational institutions to help, achieve the balanced emotions among youth.
These small steps can give the long lasting impacts and can save the youngsters from vehemence and exaggeration. Hard work is always a good supporter of the mankind in every field of life. Believe is there to protect all of us. You need to believe in yourself and be your own supporter!