Afghan Taliban go proactive after Gaza episode

So after a two week long conflict in the Arab world which dominated the world politics in media has more or less settled down. And my opinion is this that despite the killings of more than 200 innocent palestinians, the Palestinian Government and even Hamas played a role in rocket attacks, but the militant hezbollah and as well as other Pro-Palestinian governments did not take any serious steps. In the previous article, I took the stand that the Americans want to change the Paradigm shift from Kabul to Gaza which is now not a serious matter for the major players including China, Russia and India. So the question that “what is happening in our region?” still remains and in near future I think that Washington is not seriously considering the Kabul exit.
But when they announced that they would be withdrawing their troops, they saw that the Taliban who were coming on the dialogue table to talk about peace once again aggressively began the suicidal bombings and started capturing cities and towns one after another. The Ghani government openly accused that the Taliban could not have come back with such force without the backing from the Pindi and Islamabad. Ghani said this to Bajwa face to face last week. It is an open secret that if the US were to completely abandon Kabul, then the civil wars are unavoidable.
The Americans know this due to their previous experience when they left the region three decades ago after the success of Afghan Mujahideen. It was a major blunder for which they paid a heavy price in the coming decades.
If they are to withdraw the region then very second day then all kinds of militants including the IS will emerge next day to claim their rule in the weak state of Afghanistan. So the status quo is suits everybody as this allows them all to remain in their own circles.

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