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Amanatdar Welfare Trust sets up Taleem Pakistan school, more to come soon

Iqbal Jamil

KARACHI: Amanatdar Welfare Trust under its educational system established Taleem Pakistan Schools in Karachi. The school was inaugurated by the founders Karimullah Adeni, Mirza Shahid Baig and Saima Adeni.
After the establishment of first school in Karachi Amanatdar Welfare Trust plans to establish schools across Pakistan.
Apart from Islamic education, skilled based education after 5th class will be given in the field of Computer, Science, Robotics, Handicrafts and Motor Mechanics. Technical and Vocational training will be also provided to the students. No admission and monthly fees will be charged from the students in the Taleem Pakistan Schools.
The school will provide books, uniforms, lunch and also stipend.
English, German, Chinese, and French languages will be also the part of learning.
The school will impart on entrepreneurship focused education and every week health check up of the students will be carried out.

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