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Economic stability is a main challenge of our country now, says Ateeq Rehman

KARACHI: Ateeq Ur Rehman (Economic & Financial Analyst) has said that the Stability of economy of our country is the main challenge, now, says a Press release.
He says the biggest challenge is the collapsing of Exports under the power sector burden thus this effect is spreading to other sectors.
Commenting on the appointment of Dr. Gohar Ijaz as Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce & Industries, he termed it an excellent choice for his exceptional credentials as an industrialist and exporter himself.
He said that his ambitious goal of boosting the country’s Export to $80 billion is much appreciable. Further, his dedication to tackling complexities in pursuits to Economic prosperity is wonderful. His plans to launch flagship projects within the special Economic Zones are admirable.
There are problems like huge electricity tariffs, increased gas prices, huge petroleum prices, heavy interest rates, etc. This is making our exports declined and mull out of competition due to raised cost of production.
He said achieving our goals and targets, we have to stop anymore increase in electricity / gas tariffs, further hike in petroleum prices , also further increase in key policy rate and stabilization of exchange rates. Eventually, applying good governance, efficient mechanisms we have to work for reduction in our utility tariffs to boost the Exports & the Economy, Ateeq added.

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