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Amelioration essential for better performance of PTI

The opinion of the majority populous really matters. If PTI government once again willing to strengthen the confidence and support of the people of Pakistan in general and in particular their own supporters, it is mandatory for them to come out from the world of fantasy and abandon absurd promises and unnecessary routs, take potent decisions and initiatives and make visible deliveries. On ground fact reveals that it has passed almost two years period of time for the PTI government, in these crucial movements what the nation was expecting from them can’t successfully manage to deliver so far. In contrary instead of any improvement overall administrative and general development & financial related matters gradually steering downwards equated to the past corrupt regimes. The prices of all commodities are consistently rising up bit by bit, even utility bills increased to almost double figure comparatively in the last two years. Moreover, the graph of services efficiency of government institutions has mitigated to its least conditions.
Unbridled adulteration in the edible items including medicines are reached at its vertex position. The condition of the most of the roads of interior cities including Rawalpindi and Islamabad are completely dilapidated, while either sides’ pedestrian footpaths of the highways passing nearby the numerous cities are occupied by illegitimate and culpable costermongers which not only creating hurdles to the pedestrians rather they become cause of serious traffic jams. Rest of the metropolitan and small cities are facing acute shortage of drinking water and there are abundance of citizens’ complaints that WASA and other drinking water suppliers are providing contaminated and unhygienic water to the habitant of the towns and cities across the country.
Industries omitting subtle and solid waste without adopting appropriate measures of proper treatment, it is tyranny there is no any modus operand introduced to collect the redundant of the dwellers of ambit and outskirt areas of RWP and ISB as well as other small and big cities. Land grabbing mafia is egregiously energetic in their nefarious activities with the assistance of their cronies whom seated in the important position of government organizations. Ironically so far on behalf of concerned departments yet perceiving no any solid initiative will soon be taken to curb such infringe activities of these sinister.
My intention of highlighting and accentuating aforementioned entire issues of general public here is not merely to slander anyone, rather to bring prevailing deteriorating scenario into the notice of responsible incumbents, instead of mislead them by displaying erroneous pictures of everything is going absolutely perfect, so they may acknowledge and grope some appropriate remedies for above mentioned basic issues of citizens as on priority basis and gain the confidence of the people.
Apart from PTI governments deficiencies they also have some admirable efficiencies as well, in the last two years they taken some laudatory & lucrative initiatives in the interest of nation, some of them are very imperative for the existent and development of our country likewise billion trees project, distribution of money without any discrimination among indigent people amid lockdown of corona pandemic disease in rest of the country, proclamation to impart yielding perks for construction Industry and also abating interest rate on loans from 13 percent to 5 and 7 percent for five and ten Marla’s small housing schemes for lower income families accordingly. Success ful exploration of petroleum products. Also the credit goes to PTI govt for adopting a victorious foreign policy etc.
Albeit, we are all well aware about this fact that previous mendacious stake holders made futile and fable commitments with their compatriots and when time has come for fulfillment omit to consummate their promises in spite of remain seated on decisive positions of the government for a protracted period of time. Somewhat it is open secret as inference they have been ignominiously pushed out from the power they were usually holds. Gesture is more than enough for a Wiseman, therefore it is mandatory to learn a lesson from the previous caricature.
It is our kismet the omnipotent has gifted abundance of natural resources to our country and it is substantial obligation of the decision makers to remain rectitude and trustworthy amid holding an apex and pivotal positions, Take potent initiatives to accomplish commitments you have made so far with the nation. Verily your initiative of working on hydel power projects is admirable, albeit it is required to intensify the speed of work on small and gargantuan environmentally friendly power generation projects preferably Hydel projects should be kept on priority basis in the national interest across the country alike Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand dams.
The another sector which is in a very piteous condition and immediately needed governments attention, that is our health department, deliberate on the issues and ensure equal health facilities at individual par for every common man even in the rural areas. Perhaps In our country it is very difficult to obtain unadulterated pure products, Take appropriate measures to resolve and deter the rising problem of adulteration and artificial shortage of food items created by avaricious anti human elements whom playing with lives of people intending to earn more illegal money. By & large if you put a cursory glance in your own precinct you will found some of supporters of those rascals and imposters seated around your good self.
Obviously China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) is a Game changer project, it is suggested, to be taken solid initiatives to accelerate the work on CPEC project and significantly offer attractive packages which ought to be piled up with abundance of facilities to the foreign and domestic investors` so they prefer to invest their valuable exchange in Pakistan instead of any other country in our contiguous. PTI stalwarts are well aware about this fact a band of few peoples whom consistently obtaining illegal benefit from last many decades, certainly every member of this band is responsible & always directly or indirectly remained involved in huge corruption scandals in the country, probably few of them are sitting in your government as well. Thus, it is high time to recognize them and save the exchequers of Pakistan from such insidious opportunists and it is legitimate to deal them with iron hand giving them their due share of punishment.
Pakistan is one of among those countries where at the same time we can enjoy the impact of two extreme seasons plus and minus 40 centigrade and also this country has plenty of tourist attractive places includes highest mountains, largest glaciers, artefacts of oldest human civilizations, extensive pastures and vast deserts full of wild animal and plants, hence remove the impediment if any and promote tourism industry by facilitating and providing abundance of attractive advantages for local and international peripatetic and tour operators.

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