At the mercy of Karachi street criminals

Karachi, the city of Quaid-e-Azam, where education, consciousness, resources are the heart and economic lifeblood of Pakistan.The city provides 70% of the country’s revenue and earns 90% to the Sindh government but the city has always been neglected by the rulers.It would be more accurate to say that Karachi has always been a victim of the brutality of the rulers.This city meets the needs of the rulers but no one cares about their needs.Karachi which was once called the city of lights but then under the global perspective, pressure and necessity this city became a killing field.Dozens of people were killed here daily, then a time came when the hands of the killers became silent and it was announced that peace has been established in the city.When the corpses stopped falling, the ghost of street crime gripped the city shortly after.At present, no part of Karachi is safe from looting, streets or intersections.You can’t think of walking on a deserted road more than a doom, you don’t feel safe even in daylightThis looting has spread to an alarming extent on the streets and alleys. Sensitive insecurity is on the rise due to rising unrest and street crimes.
Admitting street crimes, the Inspector General of Police Sindh said, “Crimes have increased, even government weapons have been used in the incidents.”In some cases, police personnel themselves have been found involved.Non-native boys are involved in street crimes between the ages of 14 and 18.In the past also Karachi has been a victim of terrorism under an organized conspiracy and now when news of street crimes and increase in crime is being published and broadcast daily.The question that arises in the minds of the people is whether Karachi is going to become a hotbed of organized crime once again.If anyone has snatched the lights of this city in the past, it is the political and religious parties, their military wing and the ruling class who are responsible.But at the moment, no political party or military wing is involved in street crime in the city.An organized group is active in street crime incidents with branches spread across Sindh and Pakistan who leave the city after committing crimes from here.
So far this year, 15 precious human lives have been lost in armed robberies and street crimes, including our beloved journalist Athar Matin.The rising incidence of street crime in the city is a matter of concern for the Sindh government and the police department and their performance.
Political and social circles say that non-natives are involved in street crime and other crimes in Karachi.The arrest of the killer of journalist Athar Matin from Khuzdar district of Balochistan, who was martyred a few days ago, further strengthens this point.Political, religious and social organizations in the city have been claiming that non-local police and non-local street criminals are carrying out incidents in Karachi.As long as there are no police officers and personnel in Karachi, problems will continue to arise??
A comparative look at CPLC’s latest and last year’s record shows that the overall street crime rate has increased by 40% this year compared to last year.Compared to 2021, this year motorcycle theft has increased by 50%, car theft by 14% and mobile phone snatching rate by 10%.From January 1 to January 30, there were 2499 incidents of mobile snatching, 3908 incidents of motorcycle theft, 419 incidents of motorcycle snatching, 200 incidents of car snatching and theft.Mobile phones were snatched from the streets of Karachi last year by at least 34,000 people. In addition, there are several thousand people who do not report these incidents.According to the police, 90% of street crimes are not reported in the police station.Instead of relying on the police for protection against street crimes, the citizens have started arranging their own.
Of course, there has been a marked reduction in serious crime in the city since the Karachi operation, but the fast-growing street crime remains a major challenge for the police.Unless technology is used and the re-use of snatched mobile phones is stopped, it is not possible to stop these incidents.Like Islamabad and Lahore, Karachi also needs to be made a “Safe City”, with local police and administration being given responsibilities in place of non-local police and officers.
The city is now a hotbed of crime, with all kinds of crimes being exposed, and a large number of young people are being drawn to these heinous crimes.People in Karachi are languishing in broad daylight. Just as the Corona epidemic has spread in the city, so has the epidemic of robbery and looting.When the scourge of terrorism and targeted killings ceased, street crimes became the city’s biggest problem.Among street crimes and domestic robberies, incidents of abuse and harassment of women are also on the rise. Due to these incidents, fear and panic among the citizens is increasing.
This begs the question: where is the government? Where are its institutions? Where is the administration? What are our security agencies doing? What are the police doing? What are the Rangers doing?Is it the destiny of more than 30 million citizens of Karachi to continue sacrificing their valuables and lives on daily basis?

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