CPEC snags must be removed to reinvigorate Pakistan’s economy

India’s foreign policy since inception aims at pursuing shrewd goals and games against its rival countries i.e. both China and Pakistan to counter them strategically.
India has been a proactive country to run vicious propaganda campaign against China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) both nationally and internationally and leaves no stone unturned to halt and sabotage the multi-billion dollar project beside USA. India connive in cahoots with USA against economic life line of Pakistan. India keep attempting to maneuver Pakistan expel out of China’s Belt and Road (BRI) a global infrastructure development program & project to assist financially under developing countries to boost their respective economies. China under BRI has invested huge investment of trillions of Dollars in more than 140 countries of the world. Chinese President Xi Jinping launched BRI with his great, selfless and humanitarian vision of shared future of global prosperity.
Washington, ironically consider it entitled to dictate & influence Pakistan’s foreign policy matters. USA holds critical view of CPEC’s infrastructure initiatives in Pakistan due to Washington’s tougher posture in the global competition with Beijing. USA want to contain the super power stature of China both economically and militarily. Indeed, today China has supplant America as dominant economic super power of the world, while militarily China has also replaced the United States as the world leading superpower. U.S.-China global competition frustrates former to raise concerns about CPEC which is a fate or game changer for Pakistan. USA consider BRI and CPEC as one of the most hindering threat to its hegemonic designs of keeping super-power status intact USA craftily and harshly propagates against CPEC & term it as nothing but to ensnare Pakistan in debt traps but in contrary CPEC has built the enormous economic benefits creating thousands of opportunities of jobs for the people of Pakistan. USA instead of offering harmonized and flexible economic project for Islamabad keep stirring skepticism against CPEC through false and inaccurate propaganda. Although, hypocritically USA’s own backed International Monetary Fund (IMF), always force Pakistan to repay loans on a strict timeline meeting its fixed or tentative deadline harming Pakistan’s national interests. Washington National security strategy or National security strategy documents 2018 toughened line on great power competition especially against China.
Chinese President Xi Belt & Road Initiative is actually based on the idea of win-win partnerships, manifest the way forward & is an incredible model of interstate relations and beyond any shadow of doubt CPEC is a gift of China for its iron-brother Pakistan.
India is threatened of CPEC due to Pakistan’s prospects of emerging as outsourcing destination of economic progress. India heinously engaged many terrorists through its most notorious spy intelligence agency RAW to sabotage CPEC. Kulbushan Yadav, an Indian saboteur and spy who was involved in masterminding terrorist activities in the country, especially in Baluchistan and Karachi against CPEC was arrested by Pakistan’s intelligence agency. He was directing subversive activities in Karachi and Baluchistan to deteriorate law and order situation on behest of RAW. Yadav was collaborating Indian backed & sponsored Baloch insurgents of Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) through bomb blasts, firing, suicidal attacks, IEDs and grenade assaults in Gwadar and Turbat, Quetta and series of these terrorist attacks only aimed to halt CPEC ongoing projects in Pakistan. Indian foreign secretary, S Jaishankar in 2018 alleged that CPEC violated so called Indian sovereignty because it runs through Azad Kashmir. India hell-bent to sabotage CPEC game changing project for Pakistan through diplomatic offensive as well as covert nefarious to support insurgency in Pakistan.
USA and India both embrace each other warmly to cause harm to Pakistan-China’s cordial ties and to contain China mutually on international front. The America-India nexus is complicit to subdue CPEC. USA/India alliance propping up later in an attempt to negate Chinese influence and to dismantle BRI and CPEC. USA along with Indian notorious intelligence agency RAW support discord in Baluchistan which is the center of CPEC activities. USA/India nexus proliferating terrorist activities against Chinese nationals in Pakistan RAW via its proxies has executed numerous murders of CPEC Chinese engineers in Baluchistan. These attacks on Chinese citizens are orchestrated per plan to unhinge China from Pakistan. Chinese Consulate in Karachi was also attacked. The main master mind on Chinese Consulate Amir Shaikh who was the member of BLA during investigation revealed that the attack on Chinese Consulate was planned in Afghanistan and was executed with the help of RAW.
There is a dire need to remove complicated knit of bureaucratic hinges in the smooth sailing of CPEC. CPEC is a crown jewel of BRI. Ironically, there is a slow momentum on CPEC projects in last seven to eight months. The incumbent government of PM Imran Khan shared details of CPEC with IMF to get the fiscal consolidation which slowed down CPEC. PM Imran Khan insanely placed CPEC projects on hold for a year to appease USA. CPEC pace is stagnant and government is not at all realizing its folly to turn CPEC into a failed project deliberately through a go-slow policywhich could lead to irrecoverable damage for Pakistan. Indeed, slow pace challenges or changes in CPEC are motivated by Pakistan’s political instability, corruption, vicious designs of political regimes to appease USA and incumbent government shift in its approach towards China and CPEC and increased interference of Washington in the internal matters of Pakistan.
CPEC momentum must be resumed back to ensure the expedition of all of its projects without major bottle necks to revamp outdated infrastructure and to boost declining economy of Pakistan. Pakistan has already endured a great loss and burnt its wings & fingers in its western alliance with USA and China is our last hope and hence CPEC is a lifeline for the current underperforming economy of Pakistan. Pakistan instead of relying upon USA and IMF must evolve a mechanism with China via CPEC to bring its blinking economy back to track. The Khan government delayed the CPEC to obtain debts from IMF on USA directives. China is the only country investing heavily in Pakistan. If pace of CPEC impeded then off course it would be backfire and could discourage future business and potential investment in Pakistan. The Khan government must adopt confidence building measures to revive back pace of CPEC projects on priority basis, address the reservation of Chinese authorities and strive hard with Chinese counterparts to overcome the damages caused in last 4 years due to the incompetency of present Pakistan’s political regime. This is the only way out to restore shaken confidence of China & ally China’s apprehensions and to turn this multibillion dollar project viable for Pakistan’s economy. The expeditious progress on CPEC only will reinvigorate Pakistan’s economy.

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