Banning TLP produces more questions than solutions

Initially the general perception about TLP, which was formed in 2016, was that maybe it is just a harmless Barelvi sect or movement. But after their seige and sit-in in the capital last year it was prominent that it is not just a religious movement. That protest for so powerful that the government had to accept their demand.
Interestingly, there was a video that showed the behaviour of a Brigadier who was distributing cash among the workers for protest. TLP power show continued to grow. And in July 2018, they registered with the Election Commission of Pakistan and now the news is that the person who paid for the registration was a UAE national. This party was getting millions of rupees of funds from sources outside Pakistan.
And then in November last year, they again came out with demand that the government should bring back their diplomats from Paris and send French diplomats back to their country because of blasphemous caricatures and terrorist attacks afterwards.
The sudden death of TLP leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi is still enshrouded in mystery and then his son Saad at took over and came out on the streets in February this year with fresh protests and a new deadline. The Govt again surrendered.
The latest update is this that the son of General Zia ul Haq age and the current interior Minister Sheikh Rashid were also behind their popularity and strength. Naturally these two known men of the establishment had got the green signal from them.
And so finally on April 12th till April 14th they came out in full strength. After masses pressure, TLP got banned but a new question arose: why did it take so long for the government to take this step after giving them free hand?
The answer is simple: those who were supporting and backing the Jayesh and JuD are now possibly patronizing the Barelvi movement of TLP.
Today TLP is the most popular militant organisation, which gives rise to another question: when we were already trying our best to come out from the gray list of FATF and taking serious actions against terrorist organisation, then who is actually backing TLP? The past experience indicates that those who were patronizing thehe other banned outfits are now extending their support for TLP.

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