Big win for Pakistan

Two decades long war of the US is finally about to end by the US declaration of troops withdrawal. Since 2001 when the US began airstrikes in Afghanistan, and with the support of Pakistan, it has used its air space and air bases against taliban. However, the US’s action in Afghanistan has defeated the Taliban somehow by weakening their forces, and their regime is ousted. Most of the terrorists like Osama bin Laden and the leadership of Al Qaeda have escaped from Afghanistan, and settled in Pakistan and other countries. Consequently, rise in terrorism and security issues in Pakistan. However, military operations such as operation Rah- e-nijat and Raddul Fazad were launched to wipe out the presence of terrorists from the soil of Pakistan. Notwithstanding of operations against terrorism, security forces has been facing with terror attacks due to the in securities in Pakistan. During his visit to Kabul, COAS Qamar Bajwa said, “Peaceful Afghanistan means peaceful Pakistan”.
The Pakistan army has initiated border fencing with Afghanistan since 2017, and 90% of work has been done. Border fencing not only curb the spread of terrorism but also hamper the smuggling of drugs and weapons. According to the UN, 90% of opium produced and exported from Afghanistan to the world. However, the US peaceful exit has begun, and also the Taliban has started to take over Kabul again. It is the failure of the US in understanding the policies of Afghan and the Taliban. Now, the US grips with the fact that their strategies have failed which has cost thousands of lives, millions of dollars, destruction of thousands of buildings and infrastructure, and millions of refugees in Pakistan. According to the US defense department, “the total military expenditure from 2001 to 2019 is above $ 779billions.
The US erstwhile President Donald Trump has accused Pakistan for “lies and deceit” since 2018. Despite that Pakistan is the only country who has initiated and urged the US to dialogue with the Taliban about peace. Due to Pakistan’s efforts both of them came to the table for the peace process, and ended the forever war. Pakistan has been playing a significant role in the peace process for it would improve Pakistan’s image in the world. it also improves ties with the United States, European Union and Russia. In addition to that it also helps to counter India’s political, economic and security influence in Afghanistan by having good relations with Afghan Government and the Taliban. This mammoth task also dispel the perspective of the international community about Pakistan as a state-sponsoring terrorism by providing safe,military aids and intelligence.
Recent terrorist attack in Pakistan by TTP ( Tarek Taliban Pakistan) during the peace process is deteriorating the peace process, creating hindrance in the exit of the US’s troops, and increasing insecurities in Pakistan. Besides, India blames Pakistan for terror sponsoring-state, and wants to halt the peace process as India knows that peace in Afghanistan makes the way of Pakistan to Central Asia to fulfill its need of energy from energy rich states.
Pakistan joined SCO Shanghai cooperation organisation as a full member in 2017, and waited for this amazing opportunity for 15 years as Pakistan became an observer member in 2002. In spite of being a member of SCO which fosters economic advantages, Pakistan has not been able to get economic advantages with Central Asian Republics for more than 25years. Insecurity in Afghanistan is creating hindrance in the way of Pakistan. Peaceful Afghanistan will give life to the proposed energy project such as CASA1000 (Central Asia South Asia 1000) transmission line with Turkmenistan Kyrgyzstan, and TAPI (Turkmenistan Pakistan India Afghanistan gas pipeline project. All these projects are halted due to insecurities in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the energy corporation is the linchpin of Pakistan for fulfilling its thirst of energy to meet the energy deficit and economic growth.
Moreover, the recent Sino-Iranian Pact is also a big win for Pakistan. However, both China and Iran have been developing comprehensive strategic partnerships since 2017. During his historic visit to Iran, President Xi has accorded 17 projects in energy, trade, industry and infrastructure. According to the New York Times, this deal is worth $400billion investments. In return,Iran has agreed to give heavily discounted oil and free trade zones to China. However, India also wants to get access to Afghanistan and Central Asia by using the Chabahar port of Iran. For this purpose, India has committed to invest $13.4 million in the Union budget 2021-2022 of Iran. She also plans to start the Chabahar railway which hampers due to the US’s sanction imposed on Iran and China’s influence.
This China-Iran partnership is not only beneficial for them, but it is also beneficial for Pakistan as China declared the Chabahar port as a sister port to the Gwadar port for complementing each other in trade, transit and connectivity. According to many analysts, CPEC witnessed westward expansion which is the foothold of China in the middle east. Under the influence of China, Pakistan is able to get a chance to improve its ties with Iran and can develop economic ties to meet energy demand. However, Sino-Iranian pact also vanished the threat of competition between the ports. Moreover, it also contained Indian influence over the Chabahar port and Iran. CPEC westward expansion has enhanced economic opportunities for Pakistan in trade.
Therefore,all opportunities must be used strategically to get maximum benefits to fulfill public needs, and foster peace progress and prosperity in Pakistan.

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