The importance of discipline in life


History has never provided us with an example of a nation or an individual who flourished with an undisciplined lifestyle. The developing countries see the developed nations with amazement wondering how they have managed to become a symbol of respect and attraction. Crediting the success of most peaceful nations like Iceland, Norway, or Denmark to the government only would be an unjustified thing to do. No matter how much rules the government enforces on its citizens to follow, one can never grow unless and until he adopts them as disciplines.
Just like an aimless life that destroys individuals, undisciplined people destroy the whole country. Behind any successful person is his self-disciplined life. A person’s dedication, hard work, and commitment are nothing if he is not doing a certain thing in a disciplined manner. The same goes for a nation; its success depends entirely on how its citizens live their lives for citizens form nations.
Discipline is something that ensures success. Discipline is not merely a set of rules and regulations but a tool that helps a person cope with life’s challenges. From education to work to health, fitness, and wellbeing, discipline shapes everything. Studies have shown that people with self-discipline are happier. People are the ones who form nations, hence it can be inferred that nations with self-disciplined people will automatically succeed. A disciplined life is what differentiates the wise from a fool and developed nation from the developing.
Europe undoubtedly serves as a dream destination for people. The reason why people from all over the world choose Europe or other developed countries as their travel destination is not only the wonderful places or the security reasons but the serenity and lifestyle that these countries hold. If countries were to be prioritized only on majestic places then countries like India and Pakistan would have topped the list as they hold majestic places like Taj Mahal or Badshah Masjid. The reason why these countries lag behind is the lack of proper discipline. Be it the educational institutes, health care, economic sectors, sports departments, offices, traffic units, or security sections, there is zero sense of discipline everywhere in the developing states. While there are laws through which citizens have to abide by and live their lives, there is an excessive need for their proper implementation. People have zero respect for the country’s laws there. Someone who needs to be blamed here is none but the governments and poor education. People usually follow those who are above them, when there will be poor administration and deviation from rules at the above, the lower society will itself become unmanageable. With the lack of discipline in the department, there is a lack of social order which leads to injustices.
To find a solution to anything, we must first know the root cause of the problem. Why are the citizens of third world countries appear to be so much indiscipline that it ultimately hinders the success of the country? Corruption, illiteracy, poverty, differences, and discrimination are on the rise in the developing world, the populations are higher and resources are less. People do not know how to satiate themselves and hence they adopt measures that could benefit them not caring whether they are legal or not.
Being disciplined means to be organized and aware; aware of your character, time-management, routine, personality, choices, and above all goals. Discipline, in short, means the exercise of personality or mind. When people will not be following proper rules, there will be zero prosperity in any sector let alone the nation. Liberty is the right of every citizen but when it becomes absolute and starts meddling with your moral conduct and ethics, it becomes perilous.
Likewise, when there is a lack of discipline in a nation, people do not fear what others think about them or what is ethically correct or wrong, they do what benefits them hence breaking the notion of love and respect.
This is an absolute truth that everywhere in the world; the country’s army gets more loved than even the governments there. The reason is simple: their disciplined lifestyle. The fighting forces follow a certain code of conduct; they always go ahead with plans leaving no chance of exposure. They are the ones responsible for the country’s defense and if they lack discipline too, then none can save the country.
Likewise, you can solve a jigsaw in any way you want but you will only be able to understand it if you solve it in a proper and disciplined way- step by step. The same goes for any appliance; it will only work if all of its parts are tied properly. If an object cannot work in an undisciplined fashion, how can one assume that a nation with a no disciplined lifestyle would survive? It is very much necessary today that everything works within an orderly manner. It is the result of our disorderly actions that today the world is facing the global warming, climate crisis.
To make individuals aware of the importance of discipline, it is very much the need of the hour that schools should start giving special training on it to the students from a very basic level. The world is moving forward, technology is taking over and with each passing day, students are becoming more independent and advanced which is a good thing but generally becomes bad when done in excess. Students have the right to any kind of freedom; freedom of expression, choice, voice, or life. Children should be taught how to do the right use of freedom within a disciplined manner. They must first understand that to achieve anything, they need to know about their goals and that goal can never be achieved with a disorganized lifestyle.
The attitude of citizens depends on how they get treated. If the state treats the citizens with respect, fulfill their justified needs and demands, give them their rights and provide them with resources then they will also respect the country’s policies and will follow the rules.
Proper laws and their implementation are needed. Laws should be implemented in such a manner that before taking spare advantage of anything, citizens first realize the consequences. Also, there is this famous saying, ‘Charity begins at homes’; firstly, the main institutions of the state should make discipline its main priority and do not transgress in its dealings so that the citizens consider them as their models and do the same at the lower level.
Discipline is the strength of a civilized society. If a society wants to save itself from disintegration and disarray, then it must first produce disciplined citizens. This is the world of technology; nothing can influence a person more than media not even humans. A strong media, in today’s time, can help change the mindset of a person; it holds the power to convince people in changing their thinking approach and way of livings.
Religion can also play some part in this aspect. People follow religions more that they follow laws or their hearts. Every religion calls for its believer to lead an organized life and put a lot of emphasis on self-control. Religious institutions can help people becoming lawful and ordered citizens by training them, time to time, that how it is also a religious duty to be a well-organized person.
Summarizing the topic with Quote Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

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