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LAHORE: One more plane was hit by a bird at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport as a flight of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) struck by bird while landing on the runway.
A PIA Boeing 777 aircraft, PK-6202, from Sharjah was hit by a bird while attempting to land at Lahore airport’s runway at night on Monday. However, the captain of the plane managed to safely land at the airport.
The PIA spokesperson said that one of the engines of the passenger plane was damaged and engineers are working to repair it. It is the second incident of bird strike at Lahore airport within 48 hours.
According to the airport manager, the flocks of birds were heading towards the airport due to heavy rainfall. The officer said that some planes were stopped to take flight in view of safety measures.
He added that the pilot of PK-6202 has reported the presence of birds around the runway, however, shooters at the airport warded off the birds. – TLTP