Bishop of Pakistan Sadiq Daniel strongly condemns India over blasphemy act

TFD Report

KARACHI: Bishop Sadiq Daniel, Bishop of Pakistan stated that every religion is respectable. It should be respected by all people specially the governments of the countries.
It is highly objectionable if the representative of government of any country do such a shameful act on the live national television show.
It deliberately injects poison in the society to harm sentiments not only of Muslims but other religious communities as well. It is natural when people live together with different faiths, some kind of misunderstanding or maybe some religious feelings may hurt which could be clarified.
Bishop says that we as Christians in Pakistan may have some issues but never ever on such a platform the sentiments of Christian community are hurt. Even unfortunately if something happens, that is immediately apologized by the authorities.
Bishop of Pakistan strongly demanded that Government of India should openly apologize for this shameful act of blasphemy done by the representative of the ruling party on the live national TV show and must ensure that such would never repeat again. slot