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BRI- 21st century geostrategic classic move

Anthony Blinken is in China, US, first high-level meeting since 2018 with a view to cool down rising tensions on multiple issues. Will it help?
Since advent of civilization the humans from ancient to the modern times remain engaged in the expansion of space to improve their habitats. It required movement and clash with other tribes .The level of expansion continued to change with passage of time. From village to larger towns and cities. Kingdoms graduated to empire, which were engaged in its expansion according to their time and space. Geostrategic word is modern terminology. To gain leverages, in time and space the nations did engage to expand their affairs of influence. First, to ensure wellbeing of their people and later to expand circle of influence. Early 19th century saw the demise of the Ottoman Empire and rise of the French under Napoleon. The strategy of Statecraft as well as approached towards other powers change with passage of time. First World War was perhaps the last war in which the armies entrenched against each other. Second World War was the beginning of the age of technology which by now has taken the cornerstone of the state policies to gain influence in the world.
Post Second World War United States emerged as the superpower, Soviet Union was a rival but it never was a match. Remaining under the iron curtain soviets could not benefit in the integration in technology with the rest of the world. The concept of glasnost by Gorbachev was the final straw to break the thaw in the world politics. The emergence of new Russia, the Federation remained embroiled in the economic mess till the rise of Mr., Putin. Putin consolidated Russia. United States capitalized the world politics through use of force. Ever since its emergence on the world state US policies always banked on three fundamental principles. The countries to remain under its hold, and those who do not follow their dictates were crushed or sometime eliminated. The second, ensure military presence of United States in all the corner of the world and at present there are over 800 Bases worldwide where US military is actually present and if we take into account the EU, the number of bases are over 900. Compared to that Russia had only 15 Bases, while today the Chinese army has only one support base in Djibouti. The third, is the instrument of financial arms twisting. Through sanctions US articulate its strategic policies and goals. The dollar became the world currency in 1973 and Americas financial tool.
The rise of China on the world stage is a spectacular happening. Since 90s, through the use of technology and integrated planning by raising regions and interconnectivity. China’s economic prosperity was first ignored by the United States. With economic superiority and money came the technology and research. Today the China has come up with a spectacular engineering advancement not only in the sphere of regional connectivity through super-fast trains within China connecting the regions and assuring them in economic prosperity. It has made it possible for China to bring in gains in the communication, automobiles, and space. Naturally this has rung the alarm bells in the US administration successively. US tried the instrument of trade sanctions, restriction on transfer of technology and finally punishing those countries who engage against the interests of the United States dealing with China. United States cannot accept the diminishing of the its supremacy in the World Affairs so quickly. Yet United States continue aggressive policies towards poor and emerging countries to discourage them engaging with China. The policy has not succeeded as most of emerging countries have a degree of economic prosperity. The result is new blocks, new alliances, and new regional powers are emerging. The United States still has not changed its policy, the use force of military and financial arms twisting. US policies are governed under a very complex political system controlled by power center within America. Power centers have their global interests financially generally denoted as deep state.
The emergence of China with its own financial clout along with the growing military potential has its own dynamics. Yet the Chinese adopted a different approach under the president XI. China do not interfere in the internal affairs of the countries in which it deals or force them to follow their dictates. The approach is very benign and soft. This has puzzled the policymakers of the United States who have so far not been able to counter this strategy of the Chinese. The greatest master’s stroke played by President Xi is the introduction of BRI, Belt and road initiative. The project aims at the connectivity of the world in Europe, Asia, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The overall outlay of the project is hundreds of billions of dollars spreading in all these continents connecting Markets, cites, countries, Infect a transcontinental spread. The regional and intercontinental connectivity has brought prosperity and economic well-being of the people. China does not interfere and does not press in case of lower performance of the countries. The belt and the road initiative are also known as a silk road of 21st century. It aims to strengthen the foreign and economic initiatives of China. It is a combination of economic and strategic drivers aiming to create connectivity and prosperity. It is the most ambitious plan of President Xi to enhance the Beijing’s leadership through the vast program which has been initiated spreading all the continents less America. China views the importance of its proximity in such regions which connect not only with each other but also transcend intercontinental barriers. This is a great strategic asset, China decided to harmonize strategic philosophy and thus the birth of belt and the road initiative. It is based on the five basic policy principles as follows, or the pillars. These are integration, economy, sociology of region, technology /communications, space and artificial Intelligence. This is to be achieved through six corridors connecting the vast spectrum of continents. Gwadar Port is the opening to Indian Ocean and gulf. Thus, CPEC is the flag ship project of BRI, through Pakistan. The eventual rail and road opening to Gwadar will by pass thousands of miles sea route passing through straight of Malacca and Asia pacific.
US and Indian opposition are thus understandable and strategic balancing. It has put Pakistan in great strategic, political and financial stress., Our own mismanagement apart, Pakistan’s fault lines, ethnic, political, social economic and financial weaknesses are exploited to keep the turmoil perpetuating to impact CPEC. The fact remains, irrespective of adverse propaganda Pakistan must pursue the completion of CPEC projects. It is going to be not only economic game changer but also safety and security balance for Pakistan in this century.

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