Budget-friendly travel and tourism

All males and females, kids, children, young and old, students, teachers, office-goers and professionals, street vendors, commoners and dawn-to-dusk maids and laborers, wish and cherish economical and affordable picnics for a change please!
Budget-friendly Pakistan and “awaam”-focussed programs of touristic interest need to be devised according to our specific and objective conditions for a pleasant and entertaining change from monotonous routine for the better indeed as follows:
First, so physically secured, preferably nearby, enjoyable and recreational picnic venues need to be identified and actioned so that generally hand-to-mouth picnic-goers do not lose money, enjoy and enthral and save on transport for travel on a picnic.
Second, if venue for picnic is not in close vicinity and at a distant place, group travel in a public wagon, bus or transport can be economical. Even private transport can be negotiated with each participant contributing his or her bit for transport.
Third, picnic, whether close-by or distant, means refreshing snacks, food and water! Buying this could be cost-incurring if not financially depleting. Carrying such home-prepared refreshing stuff for picnic is an economical and viable option here.
Fourth, each family member can help carry refreshment or two to make it easily portable and disposable like floor mats, cushions, towels and economically delicious “kababs, and a parathas, biryani, raita, sherbet, chai, pani” and so on.
Fifth, it costs nothing if an expert guest doctor and guest nurse come on board the picnic group with fully-equipped first-aid kit and medicines. So important to carry is affordably simple and easy but efficient and effective blend of fire extinguishers!
This may not be needed at all but provide security and assurance in company for sure.
Sixth, it is absolutely free of cost for talents decently singing with “thumkas” and nicely playing musical instruments like flute, “tabla, sitar”, guitar, mouth organ etc. Jolly jokes and graceful giggles steal the show for happy-go-lucky picnic-goers at simply just no cost at all, whatsoever!
Camping is exciting with bonfire, barbecue and indoor games at night, resting, relaxing and outdoor games during day. As and where lake or river is close-by, boating or fishing make it delightful indeed. This needs to be risk-free with no diving, swimming or bathing whatsoever.
What a breath-taking and heart-warming panorama of scenes and picnicking change for the better: Lovely lakes, marvelous mountains, green pastures, bright sunshine, cool breeze, awesome ambience towards refreshing and rejuvenating souls, delightful picnic creatively afforded!
Simplest and the easiest ways and means of the cheapest fun for kids of our slums and streets: “desi khel; gulli danda, kho kho, pitthu garm, kabaddi, baraf pani, maran peeti, kora jamai shahi, oonch neech, aankh macholi”, football, cricket and you name it.
More of the fun and frolic is when groups of children move up and down for road shows of monkey or snake charmers or bachha jamboora in full action! They may head for parks, lakes or beaches singing, chanting and gossiping as after school free of cost thrills and frills of life.
Sky is the limit with fresh ideas, insights and initiatives for creative picnic planning and execution on World Tourism Day and beyond with wonderful respite from the daily grind of life and a healthy little change for the better!

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