CAA to issue pilots’ licences through the biometric system

ISLAMABAD: In an effort to stop dubious and fake licences, Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has decided to issue pilot licence through the biometric system.
The CAA also made the permission letter from the flying club and the airline mandatory for appearing in the examination. The CAA linked its system with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) for the biometric verification of pilots appearing for its examinations to prevent cheating. Biometric verification has been made mandatory for the candidates appearing in the pilot’s examination.
Earlier on September 25, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had blamed airline operators for being behind the entire fiasco of pilots’ dubious licenses,claiming that it happened after they were provided wrong information on the identities of the pilots from the airlines.
The CAA while quoting a report prepared by the audit team of the board of inquiry had said that the licenses of pilots were suspended and they were grounded owing to the fault of the airline operators.
The remarks from the CAA had come after the aviation authority declared the licenses of 30 more pilots as clear and the Additional Director Licensing issued an official notification in this regard. – TLTP

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