Capital Watch 20-01-2020

Chinese ambassador hosts reception to mark their new year

The Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing hosted a reception to mark the Chinese new year during the week. In his address on the occasion, Yao Jing said Western propaganda against CPEC was baseless adding the mega project would continue despite all negative campaigning.
He further said that one thing is very clear for the Chinese leadership and Chinese government that Pakistan remains a strongest and firm and best friend of China. He said in the year 2019 a lot of regional and global changes happened however friendship of China and Pakistan remained steadfast and firm in all times.
The ambassador said some vested interests sometimes try to damage China-Pakistan relationship by casting adverse aspirations on CPEC and sometimes by fanning religious issues.
The ambassador particularly mentioned Western propaganda in Chinese Xinjiang province and made it clear Muslims living in that province were enjoying all rights like other Chinese citizens. Therefore the Western propaganda was baseless and unfounded and a dime a dozen attempt to create misunderstandings in Muslim countries.
He said many Pakistani delegations have already visited this province and interacted with Muslims living there.

Golra Sharif Railway Museum: A treasure of memorable artifacts

ISLAMABAD: Golra Sharif Railway Museum, also known as Pakistan Railways Heritage Museum, located near Sector E-11 of the federal capital of Islamabad, is the site of a venerated railway museum housing relics and memorabilia associated with railways dating back to the days of British Raj.
The railway station with its museum is one of the major attraction sites for tourists, locals and railway enthusiasts alike in the country. Actually, it is a junction station in the Rawalpindi Division of Pakistan Railways, located at 1,994 feet above the sea level, in the southeast of Margalla Hills and east of the cradle of Gandhara civilization, the ancient city of Taxila. The junction is full of memories, explaining the hustle and bustle of more than a hundred years, which inspires history lovers and explorers.
The station was established in 1882 during the British rule and upgraded as a junction in 1912. It was the logistics artery of British India during the Afghan military campaigns at the turn of the 20th century. It has since become an important trade route which protrudes into Afghanistan through the famous Khyber Pass
The Railway Heritage Museum was established in October 2003. From relics dating back to the inception of railways in the subcontinent by the British to memorabilia depicting the creation of the museum are housed and preserved in this heritage site.
The Rail Heritage Museum is housed in three different halls to contain artifacts reflecting the history of railway over a period of more than 150 years including almost 100 years of undivided India.
Around 20 trains used to pass through this junction every day when it was operational during the British Raj time. He said that the junction also served as Royal’s passage for holidays when they used to come to Hills of the present-day Islamabad.
As a part of the museum, there is a big yard where cranes, trolleys, saloons, locomotives, coaches, and tracks are marshaled impressively, portraying the railway’s march forward through time. The museum houses a blend of artifacts covering many facets of the railway’s systems.
Mechanical models, signaling systems, communication tools and evolution of operational protocols are preserved and chronologically displayed in the museum.
The museum also displays the social impact and anthropological implications of railways on human geography of the multi-racial subcontinent. The open yard displays a wide array of relics that have become extinct on the railway lines around the world.
The steam and electric locomotives, a German postal car, a saloon car used by the last Indian viceroy, Lord Mountbatten, and another saloon car belonging to the Maharaja of Jodhpur from the Jodhpur railways given as a wedding present to his daughter are a few examples.

Armed Forces Day of Thailand celebrated

Ambassador of Thailand and Defence Attache hosted a grand reception to celebrate Armed Forces Day of Thailand during the week. Major General Shehzad Ahmed from Pakistan Army was the chief guest while a large number of diplomats and members of civil society attended the reception. The Thai defence attaché while welcoming the guests gave a presentation about the Thai armed forces.
Later the guests also witnessed a documentary about history of armed forces of Thailand. The documentary enlightened the audiences about stages the Thai armed forces under went and their role in nation building. The guest later enjoyed traditional Thai cuisines.

Mushaira at RWU

Rawalpindi Women University organized a Mushaira during the week. It was a joint venture of the University Students’ Council, Urdu Society and Young Writers’ Forum Islamabad Chapter. Renowned poet Iftikhar Arif was the chief guest. Besides him 12 young poets/poetesses obliged by their participation. Rabia Basri from Young Writers’ Forum conducted the Mushaira. The purpose of the event was to inspire young students in the field of Urdu poetry.
ln the end Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Aalia Sohail Khan presented souvenir to the chief guest and distributed certificates amongst the participants.

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