NPC & Opinion Makers set up free medical camp

Munawar Naqvi

ISLAMABAD: A free medial camp was organized at National Press Club, here Saturday which was jointly organized by the Opinion Makers and the National Press Club Islamabad. Hundreds of journalists, their children and families benefited from this camp during which over 93 per cent journalists were found suffering with hypertension, blood pressure and mental pressure.
In this free medical camp, a team of specialists and senior doctors from BeeWell Hospital Blue Area comprising Dr. Tahira Batool, Dr. Shazia Sharaf, Dr. Ghazala Mumtaz, Dr. Abrar Ghauri, Dr. Qaiser, Gynecologist, Cardiologist, Dental Surgeon, Medical Specialists doctors belonging to other fields examined journalists, their families and children.
In addition to these examinations, the team of these doctors also prepared a report on the health condition of journalists belonging to the twin cities of Rawalpindi-Islamabad. According to this report prepared by the Think Tank namely Opinion Makers more than 93 per cent journalist inspected were found suffering with hypertension, blood pressure, diabetes, depression, mental pressure and other diseases while effects of fear, violence, deprivation and psychological pressures were found in 70 per cent of their children.
In this research report of the Opinion Makers, the journalists are advised to smile, laugh, exchange views with friends in an independent atmosphere, read books, watch movies, and take a break for tours and site-seeing besides performing their professional duties. They have also been advised to give some time and attention to their children and save them from playing criminal video games and watching terror films and dramas and lure them to play outdoor games which would create positive effects on their physical health. In addition to that, they should also keep a strict watch on their friendship.
Former PFUJ president Afzal Butt, in his address on the occasion termed the research report prepared by the Opinion Makers after the medical examinations stunning and stressed the need to give attention on it. He said the results of the stress on media workers are now emerging.
National Press Club Secretary Anwar Raza and guiding force behind this free medical camp and former RIUJ president Ali Raza Alvi said that the journalist should take out time for themselves giving due consideration to this research report prepared by the Opinion Makers. The said that it seems that unemployment, forced terminations and delayed payment of salaries in the media industry and the basic reasons for these diseases. They called upon the government and the media owners to give attention to the health issues of these workers.

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