Ch Rahmat’s input needs to be acknowledged: Noushin

Special Report

ISLAMABAD: Ms. Noushin Javed Amjad has said that the basic object and charter of National History and Literary Heritage Division is to preserve, protect and project rare historical, cultural and literary works of our national ethos, heroes and established writers of repute. These views were expressed by the Secretary, National History and Literary Heritage Division, here Wednesday while she was talking to a two-member Pakistan National Movement delegation that met him here in her office under the leadership of M. Yousuf Aziz who is known for his efforts aimed at bringing the body of Ch. Rahmat Ali to the motherland Pakistan.
Noushin said the contribution of late Chaudhry Rahmat Ali during a very critical juncture of Pakistan Movement, certainly deserves better acknowledgement in our historical perspective. His timely, thoughtful and ever-remembered pamphlet on four and a half-pages of typing paper, articulated in a nondescript English cottage at 3 Humberstone Road in Cambridge, titled as ‘Now or Never’ was the cornerstone in the historical survival of sovereign Muslim Statehood in South Asia.
To eulogies Ch. Rahmat Ali’s services, National Museum Karachi has recently uplifted his profile and works for the public dissemination and consumption.
Yousuf Aziz while, giving a comprehensive account of life, works and political struggle of Late Ch. Rahmat Ali by coining, carving and consolidating the very name of our beloved homeland some 14 and half years earlier to its actualization and his day in and day out efforts for the cause and creation of Pakistan, said that whatever was anticipated, articulated and prophesied by Late Ch. Rahmat Ali from 1932 to 1947 for the future of Muslims in the then proposed Federal set up of India could now be witnessed, being faced by the Muslims in India.
He said when in 1947 the Muslims broke from their so-called, artificial bonds from Indianism, they fully vindicated Rahmat Ali’s faith in their separate destiny. Hence the carving and creation of Pakistan was a tribute as much to his steel like stand, imagination and foresight in 1933 against the then proposed Indian Federation rather much more compatible to the labours and struggle of the high command of the then All India Muslim League.
He said Pakistan National Movement delegation is here to apprise her about the incumbent Prime Minister’s written promise and various efforts made in this regard through relevant departments and authorities.
He urged the Secretary to ease out their efforts to bring back the mortal remains of late Ch. Rahmat Ali to the land of his dreams. She promised to look into the matter and help out do everything possible as follow up measures.

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