Chairman FBR listens to complaints of taxpayers

Raza Kazmi

ISLAMABAD: As a sequel to E-Kutcheries held on monthly basis to comply with the directions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)/Secretary Revenue Division, Muhammad Javed Ghani held an E-Kutchery at FBR headquarters, here Friday to listen to the complaints and issues of taxpayers. The complainants called at 111772772 and interacted directly with the Chairman FBR.
Chairman FBR listened to the complaints of the taxpayers and issued on the spot directions for resolution of these complaints. Chairman FBR appreciated the suggestions put forth by the taxpayers and assured them that their comments and suggestions would be looked into.
Chairman assured that FBR was taking all possible steps to facilitate the taxpayers. He also requested the taxpayers to visit their nearest RTO and Collectorate for redressal of any issue confronted by them.
Chairman FBR took stock of the situation arising out of regular holding of E-Kutcheries in compliance with the directions of the Prime Minister. Chairman FBR issued directions in a letter to all Chief Commissioners, Director Generals IR, Chief Collectors and Director Generals Customs afterwards. The letter specifically states that a communication gap exists between tax collectors and taxpayers’ which lead to the dissatisfaction of taxpayers. Even the trivial refund applications and queries remain un-responded, Chairman FBR stated in the letter.
It has further been told to the field offices that officers concerned do not appropriately interact and respond to target audience hence the genuine issues remain un-addressed. Chairman FBR has strictly instructed all the field offices to resolve all outstanding issues of taxpayers. In case of showing any laxity in resolving the issues, the concerned supervisory officers in the field offices will be held accountable which may ensue consequences.

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