Loyalty is the only discipline

According to Article 5(1) of the constitution of Pakistan, “Loyalty to the State is the basic duty of every citizen.” This line is perhaps the gist of what character we need to embody to become a success. By ‘we’ it is referred to every citizen of Pakistan and all public, private, and political entities working across the country. For individuals and leaders alike, loyalty to their state, their work, themselves, and to Pakistan is of the utmost importance.
There needs to be a viable effort made to pursue allegiance to the cause of doing good. Indeed, we are living in challenging times when corruption is a norm whether it is done by paying a small sum of money to get a task done or when millions of rupees are misused for a greater task.
Pursing loyalty must be the modus operandi by all Pakistanis belonging to all ages and professions. Students should be true to their studies and must not cheat their way to earn a good grade. With online teaching now a regular feature, students need to show loyalty when taking online classes. They must not switch off their cameras to complete other tasks. Professionals need to remain loyal for they are earning an honest income in return. Their loyalty is related to accepting their shortcomings, learning new things, and being true to their superiors and the company where they work.
Our loyalty does not end at our homes or offices. It begins from where we live and work. Truthfulness and honesty must be exhibited in whatever tasks we do. Shopkeepers must show morality when doing trade. Whether they are street vendors selling fruits and vegetables or businesspersons trading in billions of Rupees, loyalty must be the rule that must be followed in letter and spirit. Loyalty in itself is a guiding process if one follows it with diligence. It is embedded in our thought process by actively pursuing acts of positivity, rectitude, and uprightness.
Bravery and courage must be vigorously followed when grasping the sword of honesty. It is the valor to accept the truth and the mettle to follow decency that brings success and peace of mind. During such times when fear, corruption, and malpractices are rampantly happening, holding on to the resolution to be loyal is indeed an act worth fighting for. In Pakistan, akin to the rest of the world, political leaders must be true to the system, the constitution, to themselves, their country, and the citizens. This truth will lead them towards glory while dishonesty will only lead to a temporary sense of satisfaction and achievement.
The leaders of Pakistan – be it political or corporate – need to entrench in their philosophy the concept of being loyal. Such a direction imposed on one’s self with fortitude will be the point one is liberated from all thoughts of vice and immorality. Students in primary classes are taught about honesty but once they enter the professional world following their graduation, they see a different reality. It is a shameful sight to see professionals coming late to the office, putting off the completion of work until the next day, speaking lies about one’s experience in the field, and using dirty politics to gain a promotion. Such acts of deception take the person away from doing good as they attune themselves with evil thoughts.
Following rules must be the only rule we should teach the youth. Once they are accustomed to living a life backed by rules and regulations, all else will fall into place. Loyalty does not only refer to being true to oneself. It also emphasizes one to accept the system and abide by the laws.
Crossing a red signal, parking in a no-parking area, driving the wrong way, throwing garbage on the roads, power theft, deceiving in trade, lying to gain rewards, are just some ways by which one shuns their right to be loyal to themselves and the state. The resolve of every Pakistani in 2021 must be to be loyal to themselves, their dreams, professions, families, jobs, businesses, and the state itself.

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