Challenging issues for PTI in GB


The newly established government of PTI Gilgit-Baltistan owedabundance of challenging tasks from the previous government of N.League and PPP to ameliorate & consummate.Gilgit Baltistan has indeed a very significantposition owing to thetopographic locus and geostrategic placement on the map of the world. Verily,It is a haplesssituation no any government in the past 74 years contemplated to understands and recognized it’sreal value on merit and never given attention to address basic issues of the area and it’s dwellers, instead,theyforcibly garlandedastatus of the disputed area and provided an open opportunityof trespassing for our contiguous inveterate antagonist to claim and eponymously called it a part of their country. it is out of intelligibledespite the incessant clamor of Aboriginals for their fundamental rights this part of the land wasdeliberatelyneglected by the elected and nonelected/dictatorsof numerouscentral governmentsestablished from time to time right from the independence till to date.
The light-heartedand apathetic attitude of everyfederal governmentandtheir intentional renouncefrom the responsibilitiesand their indigenous frailties probably deterthem for a long time from listening the voice of the people of the area. Perhapes the lack of comprihencianalso complethese egocentric rulersof of the countryto deviat ormake unnecessary delay bestowing their genuine rightsin the pastwhich ofcourseirreparably affected GB andit’s people. Iranicalysuch disregarding behavior of the preceding regimesexasperated and distressed besid young generation eveninlightenedprotagonists of local socitieswhich also make themskeptic about theirunconditional and wholehearted decision of integrationwith Pakistan in 1947. Moreover, the behavior of cold shoulder,reluctance and lack of attention in the development of this region putrefied progress in all sephere of life especially education and health always remain most ignored &detoriatedsectors of this constitutionally entangled region.
It is a tale of woe that the entire GB is wittinglykept devoid of technical institutions alike medical & engineering colleges and owing to thisstudents belong to lower-income families facing acute problems to accomplish their dreams byobtaining professional education.Indeed, it is usually transpiringhere with those studentswho belong tolower-income families selected on merit and got admission inthe Medical and Engineering institutions of the other parts of the country.Certainly, it becomes a very ordealsituation for the parents of those students to endure suchsort of extraand overwhelming financial burdens to send them foraway from home for the attainment of professionaeducation of their young ones.It is suggested that acknowledging the prevailing factsof GBwithout any further delay permission of at least a medical and engineering college including a technical institute may be granted,so the future of Such diligent and energetic students may be saved from the uncertain situation.
Albeit, it is an open secret that the rest of GB has no income generation resources other thanan undeveloped tourism industry and a small levelof tillage. Insuch circumstances, this neglected naturallybeautiful part of the countryhas becometroublesomefor the inhabitants residing here forthe past many centuries. Nevertheless,thesegreat deal of imbroglio issues which are yet awaiting to resolve from a protracted period of more than 7 decades now it is high timeto least addressed in thisturn of PTI reign.Somewhat in contrary to the previous regimes,by & largeit is good omen the peopleof GB have great expectations upon PTI government.By farit discernPM Imran Khanisdeterminand taking personal intrestinthe issues of this neglect but most imperative partof Pakistan to bring at par of the other developed areas of the country and whilepeople of GBare also optimisticthat therePM will mandatorily obtainsome tangible stepsfor the solution of their long-awaitingunresolveddemands.
In addition to thesubjects discussed above It is worthwhile to bring into the knowledge of PMheresomecivic affairswhich neededhis immediatelattention to take serious action and resolve them once forever.An opinion Graduallyevolving among the local inhabitantsthat priorities of few oppertunistincumbents related to the affairs of GB sitting in the central government their abettors and cronies having high yearn to occupy &accumulate natural resources ofthe areafor their personal benefits at any cost instead of concentrating their attention towards carrying outdevelopmentactivities of the region.unfortunately,such sort of attitude of some nonserious proponents from the federal governmentcreating egregiously consternationand plight predicament among the masses in general and particularly in the mentorsand young generations of the area.Albeit,It is a good gesture that the Prime Minister’s assuranceofgiving the statusofan interim province to GB will defiantly mitigate the growing eagerness among the people especially in the young generation.
Apart from the aforementioned facts,It is an appreciable step of PM Imran that he is personally taking a special interest in aggrandizing the literacy rate of the country by setting up new institutions of technical educationas well as bringing pragmatic improvement in the existingeducational system which is deemed that some extent the curriculumpresently being taught in our educational institutions is not relevant to the modern syllabus of international standers of education except few of private sector institutionsituated in the country whom foiiowing the international methods of teaching.Whereas, it is also adequate invigorating step of PM that he is very keen to ensure health facilities by granting health cards to all and every indigent citizen across the country.Howeverallwalks of life in GB are veryoptimisticabout a good change in their day to day life and profoundly hailing his initiative at large.

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