Pakistan Navy, CPEC and AMAN Exercises 2021


Pakistan Navy is participating in all international regional and efforts, initiatives taken for maintaining Fair order & cooperation on the high seas. The Pakistan Navy is playing very important role to protect the country’s economic & military interests at abroad & home, implementing the defense&foreign policies of the Government of Pakistan through the exercise of military effect, diplomatic activities &other activities in support of these objectives. In 21st century, the Pakistan Navy played a vital role atnational and international levels. Pakistan has its own Regional Maritime Security Patrol.
The Pakistan Navy is also supported by the, Pakistan Marines,the Maritime Security Agency& Pakistan Coast Guard, the combat paramilitary division of the Pakistan Navy.
Pakistan Navy nationwide humanitarian assistance to aggrieved family’s food supplies and cash amounts were distributed to needy families in all the provinces of Pakistan. PN troops work in the entire country for assistance in various welfare programs like free medical camps at all over Sindh and Balochistan. In the heavy rains season in Pakistan Navy emergency response and rescue teams conduct disaster relief operation all over Pakistan.
Pakistan Navy maintain deterrent credibility in the face of rival India’s naval. Pakistan’s Navy Training and Braveness 100 time better than India. it’s also keys in development of friendly countries. their Cadet get international level training from Pakistan naval Academy Karachi and they severed their counties.
Pakistan Navy played key role its operational duties, also endeavors to play an effective role in promoting healthy activities& social active’s positive way national/internationally. Pakistan Navy always play role in sports promotion. Increasing traditional and non-traditional maritime security challenges Pakistan Navy doing world best jobs.
Pakistan Navy rapidly growing its naval fleet with Chinese assistance. Combined exercise includes a range of drills to share “professional experiences on traditional & non-traditional threats at sea. Improve regional security cooperation & safe and sustainable maritime environment.
Pakistan Navy in protecting the maritime interests of Pakistan especially the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor routes and Gwadar port. Pakistan Navy very important role in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and its Flagship Program of China Belt and Road Initiative. Pakistan’s has geostrategic location at Arabian Sea the Arabian Sea the next to Gulf trade routes. Pakistan Navy increasingly significant role in ensuring regional maritime security.
International economies mostly are dependent on shipping activity 80% plus of global trade served by ports worldwide& In ShaAllah Gwadar Port will world Trade hub. From this port Pakistan &China will connect to Africa, Middle East, and other parts of the world also sound path of landlock south east Asia and central Asia. It will also serve as the gateway for transit trade.
Pakistan Navy AMAN Exercises 2021which will bring 45 countries together around the world in Pakistani ocean. It’s great achievement of Pakistan Navy will be going to held in Feb 2021. NATO, GCC, SCO & African countries will participate in it.
Pakistan is peace loving country and plays a very important role at the United Nation and world community. These Naval multinational exercises were to promote regional/global cooperation & stability.
Slogan of the Exercise is ‘Together for Peace’ which clearly indicates the objectives & purpose of the exercise.
First Exercise, AMAN-07 was held in March 2007. During the exercise, overall, 28 countries including Bangladesh, China, France, Italy, Malaysia, UK, USA Bangladesh and Turkey participated.
The second such exercise was held in March 2009. During this exercise, overall, 24 countries Australia, Bangladesh, China, France, Japan, Malaysia, UK, Nigeria, Turkey and USA participated.
The 3rd AMAN Exercise was held in March 2011 in which overall 28 countries including Australia, China, France, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Australia and Japanparticipated.
4th AMAN Exercisewas held in March 2013 in which overall 29 countries including Turkey, Malaysia, UK, China, Italy, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, Australia Turkey, US, Indonesia, Bangladesh and China participated with observers.
The 5th AMAN Exercise was held in February 2017 in which 33 countries including Australia, China, Indonesia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK, USAand Japan participated.
The 6th AMAN Exercise was held in February 2019 in which 46 countries including Australia, China, Italy, Malaysia, Oman, sri Lanka, Turkey, UK,Japan, China, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Nigeria, Poland, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK and USA participated.
The Russian Navy participate in next year’s multinational AMAN-2021 naval drills to be hosted by Pakistan. Its show the importance of Pakistan and its Navy’s role in the world sea.
Moscow was close to Delhi but in 2020-2021 it moved toward reality that Pakistan is important. Its massage for Indian government was that we respect and want to join Pakistan’s role in future trade, its great achievement of Pakistan &professionalism of Pakistan Navy.
Russia’s moving closer toward Pakistan from Old Cold War-era player to a neutral “balancing” force in global affairs.
Pakistan is rapidly improving to comfortable attending its exercises alongside NATO forces. It also represents an important milestone. Russia naturally appreciates Pakistan’s growing global geostrategic role & its importance’s significance.
Pakistan-Russia military diplomacy &friendship joint anti-terrorist drills where he praised the Pakistan Army. its show Russia keen join Future Asian trade larger geopolitical context Russia rebirth ‘balancing’ act between Pakistan China & India. India-Russia relations are not at good level due to Indian dual roles. Russia believes that Pakistan’s role in Russia is greater in Eurasian partnerships.
Pakistan Navy’s AMAN Exercises 2021 great benefit for Pakistan,it will sign many MoU with these countries. its open new Market for Pakistani arms products. itsaves large amount of national money due these exercise at own waters.
Pakistan Navy is one of the world best navies withsound levels of professional&high competence, operational capabilities. Pakistan Navy believes in peaceful atmosphere in the region and economic security, strategic stability, and regional peace on the whole.

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