China & India conflict and changing pattern of regional economic development

China India conflict history is not new.China India relationship was at peck in 1950 at that time Hindi Chini Bahi Bahi India and China are brother slogan was common in subcontinent till 1962 Sino-Indian border war. Sino Indian border conflict in October 1962 broke out between India and China over separation of border line. Indian Prime Minister Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru claimed that the boundary line drawn by the British ruler was the last word in the conflict of border between India and China. Although stand taken by the China Premier Chou Enlai was the British leaders were taking benefit of Chinese weak point and drew the Mac Mohan line accidentally to the determinant of Chinese reality which had been admitted by Pundit Jawaharlal himself in his book Glimpses of world History. Both leadership wanted to resolve this issue throughout dialogue and diplomatic way.
However Indian leadership rejected the suggestion of his counterpart which led to war between the two countries. The Sino Indian short border war changed the circle of friendship between Pak, China and India. China India short border war also changed the strategic partnership between regional country. After 1962 relations was very critical between China and India but 1988 known as era of improvement between both countries when Indian PM Rajiv Ghandhi visited Beijing. He had agreed Deng Xiaoping to put the border issue on the back burner. From 1962 to 2020 issue is still same between two neighbor. Serious clash took place earlier this year. PLA and Indian Army come closer to war over the last two months than they have in decades. In May 2020 situation was very critical along the disputed border in Ladakh, and Galwan River valley. China and India fought war in 1962, after 1962 the two sides kept those clashes limited after 1962 to June 2020 no major conflict even no lives were lost. For decades, the government of both side kept those clashes limited. But June 2002 known as a turning point because 15theJune 20Indian soldiers were killed in a clash with PLA in disputed Himaayan area making a serious escalation.
The importance of this crisis is clear PLA conquered some areas of territory that India recognizes as its own. After China India border conflict circumstance is totally changed in this region. Before this serious clash in 2013 and 2017 Chinese military had objected to the construction of an Indian observation near Ladakh. Ladakh region is most important for China because of the significant corridors of China BRI development plan run through the Karakorum close to borderlinearea that’s why this region is very important for Chinese economic objective. After 15th June If we compare the strategy of China and India towards regional countries China strategy is very clear. China want to promote peace and prosperity among regional countries. But another side India is famous as a state sponsored terrorist State, in 2020 India is complete isolate state in this region. Indian government hostilestrategy is really real concern for other neighbor’s state like Pakistan Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhuttan, Srilanka and China already faced Indian aggression. China as a responsible power trying to demonstrate a strategic commitment to the borderline, waiting for the suitable time to come. After Gilwan valley conflict China power in the region has increased. Another side Modi government will like to see the United State on Indian Side. In current circumstances regional situation is not very good for India. After recent China India conflict both country try to established new relations with other regional country. For example, Bangladesh is very unique case Sheikh Hasina government change their strategy towards India. Despite India strong concern, Bangladesh has given the contract of building an airport to Chinese company. Bangladesh PM did not meet Indian High Commissioner. Historically India and Bangladesh have maintained close relationship after the creation of Bangladesh. But last December 2019 New Delhi new citizenship law policy change the friendly environment between Dhaka and New Delhi. NRC brought a new concern for Hasina government another positive development between China and Bangladesh in covid19 pandemic China has offered help and medical supplies to Bangladesh government. Same Indian strategy with Iran, Iran was major ally of India in this region. At a time when, Modi government is losing its relations with Iran, Beijing and Iran signed different contract. Beijing Tehran closeness is serious matter of concern for USA and India. Modi government has isolated itself in this region. Indian aggressive policy and closeness with USA created a lot of distance between India major ally like Iran and Russia. Now Chinese impact is very common in this region. In current global circumstance China become a dominant power in this region. Another side USA most strong partner India relations is not good with neighboring state.

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