Citizens of Karachi, change the city leader with the power of vote


I think that the second phase of local body elections is very important and this is a golden opportunity for the people of Karachi to bring about positive change through their vote, so understand that this is the last chance. Allah is the owner. The people should exercise their right to vote in maximum numbers, O people of Karachi, change the city leader with the power of your vote and show that the people of Karachi are conscious. Parties suffer financial loss. Earlier, it was said that the census will be repeated before the municipal elections and the process of delimitation will also be completed, but this has not happened yet. Due to the postponement of the second phase of elections in Sindh on July 24, thousands of candidates of various parties who participated in the municipal elections. Billions of rupees spent on posters, banners, pamphlets, stickers, panaflix, voter slips were lost, after which the candidates are having to spend anew for August 28. Due to the postponement of local body elections in Sindh, there was a fear of loss of crores to the national treasury. According to the sources, due to the postponement of the local body elections, the administrative expenses of more than 20 crore rupees would have to be redone. However, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has saved us from this loss. Because the ballot papers could have been lost in the case of redistricting, in the second phase, more than 2 crore ballot papers were printed for 16 districts, apart from this, the Election Commission spent a lot of money on staff training and other matters.
Currently, a political administrator is posted in Karachi who is nowhere to be seen during the rains, dozens of people have been killed and property destroyed during the rains and there are fears of further destruction due to the rains in the future. Considering which no planning is being done. Which is a sign that the current government has made a plan to ignore Karachi in the future as well. At this time the roads of Karachi are completely destroyed, Karachi is not a happy place. Karachi needs a regular mayor who is empowered as well as talented, honest and fearless to fix the long-destroyed Karachi. The elector who has forbidden the life of the people, can also control it. Once again, the time for the second phase of the local body elections in Sindh is approaching. Apprehensions and speculations were intensifying that on this occasion a timely and accurate decision of the Supreme Court of Pakistan has come out.
According to which, the second phase of municipal elections in Sindh will be completed on August 28. After this announcement by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, those people who wanted to postpone the local body elections through various pretexts must have been deeply disappointed. So that people can continue to be exploited. Empowered local government system is very important for solving the basic problems of Pakistan under which the basic problems can be solved quickly, empowered local bodies cause to increase the speed of development in any country, solve the problems of transport due to the correctness of the infrastructure. And the chances of accidents are reduced, the holding of municipal elections has once again breathed a new spirit in the disappointed people of Sindh, especially Karachi, now the people of Karachi should elect people who have powers and they continue to receive benefits under the pretext of resources but they do not work and they keep fooling the people by giving excuses for not working, but today the people have become conscious, now they will not be fooled by the fraudsters.
Karachi and Hyderabad contain more urban population, so the results of the local elections here will be different from the results in Sindh, especially MQM (Pakistan) in Karachi. PPP, PTI. Jamaat-e-Islami and Tehreek-i-Labeek are quite active and competition is also seen between these parties. Because PPP has the provincial government, it will take advantage of being in the government. Drowning in the monsoon rains, emerging Karachi is moving towards local elections. The dilapidated roads of Shahr Quaid, piles of filth everywhere, garbage pits in parks and boiling drains at every corner of the street are waiting for the municipal administration of the city and in this background suffering day and night, crores of Karachi. The people of Ha were in a state of uncertainty after the local government elections on July 24 were postponed after seven years. According to newspaper reports, the process of the seventh census in the country has been postponed for four months. According to sources, the census to be held in August will now take place in December. The census results will be submitted to the Election Commission by March. All seven censuses are to be digital.
All arrangements have been completed by the Election Commission for the local elections to be held in sixteen districts of Karachi, Hyderabad under the second phase in Sindh. 5003 polling stations for 8.45 million (about eighty five lakh) registered voters in seven districts of Karachia have been established. The Sindh government has announced the conversion of seven districts of Karachi into 26 town municipal corporations under the Local Bodies Amendment Act 2021, a total of 246 union committees have been established in them. Each union committee has seats. The distribution is done according to the population of the respective district. Out of the 246 Union Committees, the party that gets the majority in 124 UCs will be elected its mayor and deputy mayor in the city council. The parties participating in the municipal elections. They include Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Pak Sarzamin Party, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan, Muhajir Qaumi Movement Haqiji, Jamiat-e-Islam (F) and independent candidates. According to the commission, a total of 9153 candidates have entered the election field from Karachi.
Under the 2013 local government system, the mayor of Pakistan’s largest city was powerless, but the 2021 Local Government Act was amended to allow some government hospitals to join the KMC, but it is not yet confirmed whether it will happen or not. . Second, according to the 2021 amendment, the UC Chairman and Vice Chairman will not have any authority and resources and even if they are given some money, it will be only what they can buy manhole covers. There will be no powers. After the 18th amendment, many resources have been transferred to the provincial governments. Now it is the responsibility of the provincial government to solve the problems of the city of Karachi. Despite being the largest revenue earner, Pakistan is neglected, as if it has been deliberately destroyed. The mayor, chairman and vice chairman of such a big city will be powerless. It will be a strange system. Although giving powers and resources to the lower level will solve the basic problems of the people and this will have a positive effect on the provincial government, it will also restore the reputation of the provincial government among the people, which unfortunately has deteriorated at the moment. If the Sindh government empowers the mayor, chairman and vice-chairman, it can solve many of the basic problems of the city leader in which the city of Karachi is stuck. The responsibility of garbage collection, cleaning, construction of sewers, cleaning of storm drains, construction of roads, solving water board problems, sewage problems should be given to local bodies at the lower level, similarly for treatment and treatment. There are many problems of inattention of doctors and nurses to the people coming to the public hospitals, they can also be solved because when the mayor, chairman and vice chairman of the city are empowered, they will be able to visit the public hospitals of their areas and the problems faced by the people there.Will try to find a solution, which can be expected to improve the quality of government hospitals.

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