PRS holds inter-school debate competition

A press release says that on Tuesday, August 23, at Graceful Grammar High School in Baldia Town, Karachi, the Sindh Branch of the Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) held an inter-school debate competition on climate change.
Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Unit of the PRC (Sindh Branch) gave a topic for a debate competition to four government schools and four private schools. “Can Pakistan become a developed country while dealing with the effects of climate change?” was the topic of the debate. More than 250 students and teachers from all the schools that were invited were there.
In a message, Provincial Secretary PRC-Sindh Kanwar Waseem said that Pakistan was ranked the fifth most affected country in the world by extreme weather events between 1999 and 2018. He also said that agriculture is a big part of Pakistan’s economy, and that changes in temperature, water availability, and monsoon patterns can ruin the lives of millions of people. In recent years, Pakistan has had to deal with floods, droughts, heat waves, and other problems. As a result, climate change is now Pakistan’s most pressing and important issue, and each of us has a duty to do our part to lessen the effects of climate change on future generations.
Iram Ayaz, who works for CCA as a Program Officer, spoke to the group and said that the debate competition helped the Climate Change Adaptation Program reach its goals of making communities more resilient, raising awareness of climate change, and getting people to support taking action on climate change.
During the closing ceremony, the Head of the Graceful Grammar School, Miss Kiran Zehri, praised the Pakistan Red Crescent for putting on such programmes in schools to raise awareness about the important issue of climate change. The winners also got prizes, shields, and certificates.