City Of Wicked That Was Burnt Thrice

The city of the wicked was burnt three times.

Today we will mention a forgotten city that has disappeared from this world several thousand years ago, but this city has become one of the most important secrets of the world until today.

The city was burnt three times thousands of years ago before it was destroyed and that is why it was named Shahr Sokhtan. The city of Sokhtan is also known as the Pompeii of the East due to the immoral sexual desire of its inhabitants. People from all over the world used to visit the city of Sokhtan to satisfy their sexual desires.

For the first time in human history, immoral movies, namely, poor movies. The main idea of Sokhtan also developed in this city. It used to be a rich and densely populated city of its time. The people here were so advanced in medical technology that they made light from complex brain surgeries to the eyes of blind people.

If they did, then who was it that burned this unique city and burnt the graveyard of this city to such a large extent? Why is science unable to answer the questions buried here, so let’s take a look at the history of this burnt city, the city of Sukhtan.

This city is located at the junction of Balochistan and Iran’s Sistan province, three thousand two hundred BC. It settled on the banks of the Helmand River, while some scientists call the settlement of the city of Sokhtan even more so.

The ancients believe that it was a vast city covering an area of two hundred acres, which had a large population. The oldest story of the world is mentioned in many historical books including Gilgami.

During the excavation of the city of Sokhtan, some roads and routes were discovered that connected it with the ancient city of Sindh, Moenjo Daro, and the oldest cities of the Tigris and Euphrates valleys, according to historians.

The city of Sukhtan used to be the center of the world at that time, the trade of the ancient Indian nations and the ancient people living in Neeso Potemia depended on this city.

The men were very lazy, the whole system of government and economy here was dependent on women of this city.

People from different tribes and nations from all over the world used to come here for the purpose of trade and employment, and the women of this city provided them with their bodies.

And they make good money by selling other services. For this reason, this city became the biggest center of immorality in its time, which is well indicated by the ruins of this city and the tombs in it. From city of Sokhtan, vessels have been discovered on which different scenes like cartoons were painted in different colors, and if these vessels are rotated rapidly, these scenes appear to be moving and the same method is used.

Thanks to these people, they also produced the world’s first remarkable film. The most surprising things to be found in this city are the mysterious graves here. Until recently, forty thousand graves have been discovered in this city, each of them a newly opened grave.

Raises a new mystery; a grave found in an ancient cemetery has surprised researchers when it was revealed that the dead in the grave had undergone complex brain surgery thousands of years ago, which we know today. It was possible only a few decades ago in the developed world.

On opening the grave of a twenty-year-old girl, it was found that her eyes were artificially implanted to help her see. All these things tell the story of the scientific rise of the nation living in this city. Some graves were also found in this city of Sokhtan, which the language starts stuttering with shame while describing the details.

Due to the lack of space, or the immorality and obscenity of these people were not only limited to the lives of these people, but this nation could not be freed from sexual attraction even after death. It remains a secret that this human settlement disappeared from this world in 1800 BC after surviving for hundreds of years and achieving many goals.

The whole city of Pura was burnt down, and whatever force burned it was not content to burn it down once, but burned it down twice more, no one knows why. This city is called burnt city. This developed city of ancient times has a lot of stories of great divine punishment is wrapped up. Some religious circles believe that because the people here used to worship fire, they were punished by fire itself, while some experts attribute the growing nudity and sexual activities in this city. They are responsible for the destruction, the real reasons for the destruction of this city, only God knows better.

Archaeologists are engaged in research here, but the more they research the remains of this city, the more complicated the riddles related to this city may be in the future. So we can learn from such scenes of history and public information that the nations who do what they do will definitely find it, so it is necessary to study in human life to avoid the evils of time. slot slot pulsa slot online