Commendable job of Pakistan Army and FC in Balochistan districts


Presently, Balochistan province along with the whole country is in the grip of severe floods and stormy rains. The villages, gardens and houses of all have been washed away in the flood channels. Due to which the poor people have been severely affected. In most of the districts, after the villages of the people have been completely destroyed, they have been forced to live under the sky for their full-time service. Facilities like tents for the homeless have been fully arranged and the army and FC troops are on alert to save and deal with all kinds of losses and the Chief of Army Staff in the districts across the province. According to the instructions of Javed Qamar Bajwa, relief activities are going on very fast with the affected people in the affected districts, which always gives relief to the poor and helpless people. In this emergency situation, FC Balochistan (North) in different areas of Balochistan. Distribution of free ration to the flood victims and establishment of free medical camp for medical facilities FC Balochistan (North) relief operations for the flood victims in different areas of Balochistan are going on. Increased – In view of these worse conditions and people’s Free ration packages were distributed by FC to meet the nutritional needs – In this regard, free ration packages were distributed to 41 needy families in Zingal Kali and Salik Kali areas of Muslim Bagh – in addition to water To control the spread of diseases, free medical camps were organized in different villages of Muslim Bagh including Marpal, Ferozi, Ghazlona and Halki and 213 patients were treated.Free medical facilities provided – Flood-affected families and local people thanked FC Balochistan (North) by appreciating the goodwill. Conducting the camp As a result of the recent rains, floods have caused widespread destruction in various districts of Balochistan. Along with the loss of lives and property of the people, the loss of livelihood has also increased malnutrition and poverty – In view of these conditions and to meet the nutritional needs of the people, Pakistan Army has provided free rations in the flood-prone areas. Distribution is being done. Lasbela and Deurji district of Baluchistan which is most affected due to rains and floods, here 575 bags of ration are distributed to the beneficiaries by Pakistan Army. One bag of ration contains flour, rice, pulses, cooking oil. , dry milk and leaves etc. Apart from this, 172 tents have been distributed to the flood victims in Othal by the Pakistan Army. Pakistan Coast Guard has provided basic facilities like health to the flood victims in Tehsil Muzah of Othal. 3 free medical camps have been organized in Bhambri. Where free medical assistance and medicines are provided to the patients. Pakistan Army personnel are working tirelessly to provide humanitarian aid to the flood affected people. Flood-affected families and local people thanked the Pakistan Army while appreciating the goodwill. Rescue and relief operation of Pakistan Army, FC Balochistan and civil administration in flood affected areas is ongoing. Transfer of victims to safe places and distribution of relief items As a result of heavy rains, a large area of Naseerabad district has been submerged due to which 20-25 Gothas in the suburbs of Dera Murad Jamali have been stranded. gone. In view of the emergency situation, FC Balochistan and civil administration took immediate action, more than 700People have been shifted to relief camps in safe place. Where they are being provided medical aid and necessities of life. The FC and the district administration took timely action and not only saved the lives of the people, but diverted the water to the Rabi Canal and saved the city of Dera Murad Jamali with a population of about 60,000 from a major disaster. The rescue and relief operation in the area will continue until the situation returns to normal. To deal with the situation arising from the ongoing series of rains in the areas of Othal, Bhambri, Lohi, Bahlur, Sidori, Kishri, and Hub of Lasbela district, Pakistan Army and related Institutions have completed the arrangements. To review the arrangements, GOC 44 Division Major General Inayat H ± Sin reached Lasbela from Gwadar and visited the affected areas and reviewed the arrangements. Nahoon expressed his satisfaction with the determination and preparations to provide all possible relief to the people. Ever since the flood situation arose in the district of Lasbela and its surroundings, the civil administration, Pakistan Army, PDMA, and various welfare organizations Ration packages have been distributed to 850 flood-affected families. These areas include Hub, Bela, Bhambri, Deoriji, Siddori and Kshri. Due to this, Pakistan Coast Guard has started rescue operation for the people trapped in flood in Uthal and surrounding areas.
Free medical camp organized by FC Balochistan (North) in flood affected areas A one-day free medical camp was organized by FC Balochistan (North) Doob Militia in the flood affected area of Hussain Nika – Medical camp. More than 247 patients, including 109 children, 73 women and 65 men, were given free medical check-ups and free medicines and minor operations were also provided. Medical facilities were provided to protect against water-borne diseases after the rains. The elders of the region welcomed the establishment of the medical camp and expressed their gratitude to FC Balochistan.
Rescue and relief operation of Pakistan Army, FC and civil administration in flood affected areas is ongoing. Transfer of victims to safe places and distribution of relief items In view of the flood situation in the area, the relief teams of Pakistan Army and Civil Administration distributed rations and tents to the deserving people in Raza Muhammad Goth today. Considering the lack of food in the flood affected areas. While keeping 110 ration bags, FC relief teams in the remote areas of Bela and Doriji tehsils.Distributed which included all food items of daily consumption. A tent has also been given to the most affected family of Mithi Goth, Tehsil Athal. Pakistan Coast Guards personnel reached the affected areas of Tehsil Bela and rescued the people trapped in the flood in Sher Muhammad Goth, Fazal Goth, Ahmed Goth and Faqira Goth. and also pulled out the stranded vehicles near Ahro Bridge. FC, Pakistan Coast Guards and Police personnel are also busy to restore traffic at Lindapal, Jhao Crossing, Uthal Zero Point and Windar. RCD at Linda Bridge is still closed for traffic due to high water level. Efforts are underway to restore all highways and connecting roads. Pakistan Army, Coast Guards, FC and Police along with civil administration are committed to provide all possible assistance to the flood victims. Relief operations are underway in the flood-affected areas due to the recent rains, extensive flooding occurred in Balochistan, causing loss of life and property. FC Balochistan and the army along with the civil administration are carrying out relief operations for the flood victims in different areas of Balochistan – food shortage and poverty have increased due to the loss of people’s livelihood – in view of these worsening conditions and the nutritional needs of the people. FC continues to distribute free rations to meet – In this regard cooked food was distributed to 400 families in Lahri area of Sabi – Lashari tribe of Goth Muhammadani and people stranded in remote flood affected areas. Free rations are being distributed to – Relief operations are also going on in Sui flood affected areas and people are being shifted to safe places as well as cooked food, tents and free rations are being distributed. The affected families and local people thanked FC Balochistan (North) while appreciating the goodwill. The relief and rescue operations of the Civil Administration, Pakistan Army and FC Balochistan in the flood-affected areas have been ongoing during the last 24 hours in Quetta, Kalat, Khasdar in Lasbela, Kohlu, Nasirabad, Hub and other areas of Mosladhar There have been floods due to which the low-lying areas have been flooded. Pakistan Army and FC Balochistan are conducting joint rescue and relief operations along with civil administration in the flood-affected areas. Pit feeder canal cracked at 3 places near Dera Murad JamaliThe areas of Mashidian and Argard came under water. Which was filled by the efforts of Irrigation Department and Pakistan Army. Rescue operations are ongoing in the flood affected areas by the Pakistan Army and the district administration. More than 60 people have been rescued by the Pakistan Army and settled in relief camps in Naseerabad and Khuzdar districts. In a tragic incident in Jhal Magsi, 2 people have been rescued from the collapse of the roof. The people to be rescued are being provided food, tents and rations at the relief camp by the Pakistan Army. A free medical camp has been organized in Chithar, in which free medical aid and medicines have been given to the flood victims. Civil administration and Pakistan Army are also working to repair roads and bridges. The Jaffar Express train stopped at I has been dispatched after the track is cleared. The N-50 highway affected by the flood has been opened for traffic after repair. The Pakistan Army has distributed relief items and rations to the flood victims in various flood-affected areas of Balochistan, including Quetta, Naseerabad, Awaran, Lasbela, Othal, Hub and other areas are included. The Pakistan Army reiterates its determination that it will provide all kinds of assistance to the flood victims by utilizing all available resources. In the flood affected areas, the Pakistan Army and FC Balochistan will cooperate with the civil administration as per the instructions of the Chief of Army Staff. Relief and rescue operations are ongoing during the last 24 hours in Quetta, Kalat, Khuzdar Lasbela, Kohlu, Sui, Nasirabad, Hub, Othal and other areas, low-lying areas were flooded due to heavy rains – Pakistan Army and FC Balochistan civil in flood-affected areas. Milkar rescue and relief operations are continuing with Antamiya. Due to cracks in the pit feeder canal at 3 places, the areas of Mashidian and Argard near Dera Murad Jamali were affected. With the efforts of the Irrigation Department and the Pakistan Army, all the cracks have been filled. More than 60 families have been rescued and shifted to relief camps in Jhal Magsi and Khuzdar of Naseerabad district. Prepared food, tents and rations are being provided to the families to be rescued in the relief camp. Free medical camps are also being organized by the Pakistan Army and FC in the affected areas in which the flood victims are given free medical aid and Medicines are being provided to restore the means of transportation. Civil administration and Pakistan Army are also working to repair highways and bridges. Operation is going on to open all major highways as soon as possible. We are continuing to provide full support to the civil administration by utilizing all available resources for the rescue and relief of the trapped people.

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