China humanitarian assistance for flood hit reaches Pakistan

KARACHI: Tuesday, the help that China sent to Pakistan to help flood victims got to Karachi, a port city in the south of the country.
At a ceremony at the Karachi airport, 3,000 tents were given to Pakistan as a form of humanitarian aid.
Nong Rong, the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, spoke at the event. He said that the Chinese government is worried about and sad for the people of Pakistan who have been hurt by the floods.
“China and Pakistan are real friends and good brothers because they share their good times and bad times. He said, “We have a great history of helping each other and working together to deal with big natural disasters.”
Pakistan’s Minister for Power, Khurram Dastgir Khan, spoke at the ceremony. He said that the help from China for the people in Pakistan who were affected by the floods was very timely and much needed.
“On behalf of the government of Pakistan, we want to thank and appreciate our “iron brother” China for helping us in this time of trouble and trial, when millions of Pakistanis have been forced to leave their homes and lost their jobs,” he said.
Also, Chinese businesses in Pakistan gave over 15.5 million Pakistani rupees (about 71,340 U.S. dollars) in aid to flood victims of the country at a ceremony held by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in Islamabad on Thursday.
Since mid-June, when the monsoon rains started, at least 1,136 people have died and 1,634 more have been hurt in Pakistan, the NDMA said Tuesday. – Xinhua