Farzana Wani

If the COVID-19 threat continues and in view of possible months-long lockdown, these people will surely die due to hunger.
This small virus has brought whole world to a halt. The condition is deteriorating day by day. this deadly virus has not even left the developed countries of the world. This virus does not discriminate between rich and poor. The outbreak of pandemic disease from china has engulfed the globe. However experts are still looking for a cure and I hope Ins Sha Allah we will find it soon until we have to suffer that has been caused by lockdown and social distancing. This virus has made us understood the importance of life.
The robust healthcare infrastructure in Europe is overwhelmed. Now other countries want to pre-empt such a situation from developing. So the government decided on a two pronged strategy: lock down the entire nation to break the chain and quickly ramp up its health care facilities to face the pandemic.
The impact of the coronavirus is having a profound and serious impact on the global economy. The global economy has entered a recession as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. There are lockdowns across the world, hitting economies hard.
Everyone is supporting the lockdown to break the chain. No doubt, we have to do that to protect ourselves. Everyone is suffering in one way or another and facing difficulties, however there is a sect in our society who may not die due to this virus but of hunger. These are the people that include street vendors, labourers, factory workers, conductors who used to go out on a daily basis and work for their livelihood. They are not government employees, industrialists, entrepreneurs or working in MNCs .they just have to go out daily out of their homes to just fulfill their basic needs. People belonging to higher classes or middle classes are struggling so what about these people?
These people will surely die due to hunger. Government needs to look on this matter, the government needs to deduct some amount from salaries as fundraising for the poor. We as responsible citizens can also make community groups can collect funds and identify such families who are in need.
We may die prior to COVID-19 due to depression. People may suffer anxiety disorders. Death in this time of COVID-19 is a disaster as people cannot even mourn collectively. This is not only scary but traumatizing. Lucky are those people who died before this pandemic.
However, it’s important to act optimistically and therefore, read books, watch movies or do something that you love to do. Eat right food which boosts immunity and it’s more important to introspect and seek God’s mercy.
The lesson to be learnt from this pandemic is that the government needs to invest more in health care sector. Creating more medical colleges is a necessity, overall improving health infrastructure.
With this I am concluding, I would like to request all the people and corporates to donate towards feeding the daily wagers of our society. This is the time they need our help and we need to step up. If anyone can’t afford to donate, please help by spreading the word. Let us pray to almighty to prevent entire humanity from this deadly virus.

The writer is persuing MCA from Kashmir University. She can be reached at: Waniifarzana6384@gmail.com