COVID-19 causing community disorders

The coronavirusor COVID-19 is a disease based on an unknown virus. It seems that it started in China and has widely spread in all countries in the world. As now it has been one and a half year that we are surviving this pandemic disease. COVID-19 has infected1.36 million persons worldwide and 2.9 million people have died and the number is increasing day by day.
Last year COVID-19 affected the economy of the world drastically. Simultaneously the tourism and hotel department were also affected severely. Coronavirus has affected people all over the world both mentally and physically. The most important effect of corona on society and people is that COVID-19 positive patients are treated as “untouchables”. Whenever a person tests corona positive, society treats him/her as if he/she belongs to the untouchability community.
The social distance and untouchability this time may not be because of notions of social impurity. It may be a case of untouchability at a horizontal level, from one body to another body and not at a vertical level among high caste to the low caste system. The pandemic is turning many of us from a caste public to bio public at least for some time.
The fear of getting sick, lonely life and the danger of losing it all are at the core of our existential reality. Positive persons should be given privacy to cope with the recovery from the illness in peace and away from prying eyes. Positive patients of COVID-19 are being made as a centre of public attention.
The behaviour of the COVID-19 pandemic is not particularly unusual about its second wave which is again causing a havoc situation in my states of the country. The world has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by proposing social distancing but Indian society’s social discrimination still has no cure. Apart from this, it is also essential for the public to be aware and responsible that we should follow SOP’s and guideline strictly and the fact that we cannot deny is that we still are with this pandemic disease
It’s is important for the public to take a serious note on the second wave of the pandemic situation and they can do it by following some of the norms: Wash your hand and face at regular intervals; Wear a mask all the time when out of the house; Maintain social distance; and Clean the frequently touched surface with disinfectant.
Meanwhile, this pandemic situation gives a lesson to the nation worldwide that our health care system and researchers need to improve for such thing as this pandemic disease.

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