COVID: Record German cases

Germany has recorded nearly 34,000 daily Covid cases in the past 24 hours, its highest number so far Vaccination rates have heightened in Germany as cases rise. This is a large pandemic of the unvaccinated. About sixteen million Germans have not had a jab. However hospital intensive care cases are still lower than in spring. The World Health Organization has warned of a possible half a million more deaths in Europe by February. Europe’s head blamed inadequate vaccine take-up. An easing of public health measures was also behind the rise in Covid cases in the WHO’s European region, which covers 53 countries comprising parts of Central Asia. So far the WHO has recorded 1.4million deaths across the region. The Covid numbers in Germany are still well below the UK’s average daily case numbers of above 41,000, public health officers there are troubled that a fourth wave of infection could lead to a large number of deaths and pressure on the health system. In the past 24 hours 165 deaths have been recorded, risen from 126 a week ago. If counter-measures are not taken now, this fourth wave will bring yet more suffering. Among the many Germans who have not been vaccinated are above three million. German restaurants and cafes require people to have proof of vaccination or recovery before entry.
Covid passes are to stay as Europe starts for winter. The surge in cases is not confined to Germany. Russia and Ukraine have seen the most phenomenal rises in infections and deaths. Romania recorded its highest number of deaths in 24 hours this week at 591.The Dutch government stated it would again impose mask-wearing and social distancing in many public settings as it found that hospital admissions had gone up about 31 percent in a week. In Hungary, daily Covid infections have more than doubled in the past week to 6,268. Mask-wearing is only required on public transport and in hospitals. Slovakia has reported its second highest number of cases since the start of the pandemic and Czech infections have returned to positions last witnessed in spring. Romania’s health system is destroyed by Covid. Latvia is imposing a three-month state of emergency record level of Covid infection. England’s deputy chief medical officer stated that many people think the pandemic is over. In countries with the highest vaccination rates, infection rates are still comparatively low. Italy has one of the highest vaccination rates for above 12s but even here fresh cases have raised up about 16.6 percent in the past week .Portuguese infections have risen above 1,000 for the first time since September. Spain is one of the few countries not to have witnessed a rise in transfer with about 2,287 cases reported. Difficult months will come in a pandemic for the UK in the winter. England’s deputy chief medical officer has warned. Christmas and the winter months are largely going to be doubtful. The UK posted about 33,865 Covid cases and 293 deaths within 28 days of a positive test. Cases appeared to have eased, they were very high, and above most of Europe. There were rising and there were signs infections were starting to go through older age groups. The scientists would be continuing to examine the data over the next days and weeks. Face coverings and the caution people took in working with others, along with the speed of vaccinations, would be a big influence between what happens at present and the bleak months of the winter. People urged care, specifically when meeting other people, and the wearing of face coverings in suitable places. Flu and other winter respiratory viruses are returning this season after a no show previous year when no one was much meeting each other. More than 40 million people in the UK are being offered a flu jab this year. For the first time this includes all secondary school children up to the age of 16.
Europe’s COVID spread is an alarming shot for the rest of the world. It registered a 55percent rise in COVID-19 cases in the last four weeks, in spite of the availability of vaccines, which should serve as a frightening shot to other regions. WHO emergency director says that some European countries have sub-optimal vaccination coverage despite availability. This is a cautionary blast for the world to see what is happening in Europe in spite of the availability of vaccination.
Britain today became the first country in the world to approve a potentially game-changing COVID-19 antiviral pill jointly developed by U.S.-based Merck & Co Inc (MRK.N) and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, in a boost to the fight against the pandemic.

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