Critics of Pak Army to face ‘music’

If the popular claim of an army man in Pakistan living the most luxurious of lives, then there’s a need to analyze the conditions he lives in. Acknowledge that a soldier serves his youth, a time when most people may be enjoying their bachelor lives, a soldier faces the most horrible conditions to stand out among the most professional sides.
When duty calls despite his life is always at stake, he keeps it on the palm of his hand, fights selflessly leaving his mother, father, brothers, sisters behind. He stands on the most unsafe borders in the forests and mountains or somewhere in the middle of nowhere he religiously performs his duty. We cannot or hardly imagine the intensity of the problems he faces on duty.
It isn’t a piece of cake to stand in front the enemy putting your life at risk as not everybody is capable of such bravery. Unfortunately, our army faces meaningless criticism and propagandas, accused of snatching and squeezing the resources of Pakistan but the reality is far from it. Deep down we all know that if we are safe with our beloved family, it is just the Pakistan army, our borders, lives and wealth is all at the cost of a soldier’s life.
When a soldier joins the Pakistan army, he is 18 and serves for almost 18 to 23 years, he receives a reward after his retirement and his monthly pension but even then, most soldiers are unable to afford a mere small house for their family, very few of them do. When a soldier retires, he ultimately takes a duty of a security guard the salary of which we all know is ordinary. He invests what is left of him as a security guard or in or in any job of that sort.
On the other side, if a civilian starts a small business he grows at a faster pace and by the time he is 25 or 30 his business bears enough fruit to feed his family. His offspring also back him up to heighten his business. But if you peek into a soldier’s life, despite serving in such harsh conditions he has to work to survive.
Before you criticize the army, you should consider where they come from and what they sacrifice for you. We all realize that the army man’s life is always at risk and he can be slain anytime by the enemy. Honestly these men standing at the borders are the real heroes, value them, the nations who stand by their armed forces are respected and valued around the globe.
God forbid those who are under the presumption that they can crush the moral of the Pakistan army they must know the unrealistic historical records they have set and set an example for the world. And if Allah wills the Pakistan army will flourish, fight and win against such odds and evils you haven’t dreamt of.

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